Wonder And Camels

I’m about to draw parallels between comedian Louis C.K., my favorite Victorian character Jane Eyre, our Saturday Hatha Star yoga class, and camels. Hold on tight; I promise it will make sense soon. All of these things have been making me consider the notion of wonder (and delight, surprise, and, ultimately, joy). I think we tend to define the word wonder with only one of its meanings: a feeling of... read more

My New Vocabulary

[photo] When I started my yoga adventures a few months ago (as part of my Healing Experiment), I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t anticipate that  (1) I’d learn a whole new vocabulary, or (2) that combining movement and breath in a particular pattern would leave me simultaneously tired and refreshed – and 24 hours later, comfortably sore. It seems that Kundalini Yoga is making... read more

Let Yourself Be

That’s what Robin, our kundalini instructor, said this morning. We had just finished a meditation which we later learned was 15 minutes long. Fifteen minutes, you guys! It was weird. Like, really weird. We chanted, with no music today… just a 4-line Sanskrit chant. Three of the lines ended with a really strong huh sound that we made by squeezing our diaphragms, bellows-style. It went on and... read more

I Am. You Are. We Are.

I’m stepping away from the computer for the rest of today (and tomorrow) to celebrate Thanksgiving and to devote all of my attention to Dave, Smudge, and the rest of my family. But before I go: a little Thanksgiving present from me to you. At yoga last week (I know! Another yoga story! It’s what I’ve got right now.), we finished our class with a meditation, and the instructor encouraged... read more

The Gong Show

This week I went to two Kundalini of Sound classes, and they were completely different than any other yoga or meditation I’ve done. This is the description of the class from the nifty YogaYogabrochure: Kundalini of Sound uses mantra, movement, mediation, music and the sound of the gong to promote transformation and relaxation. Basic familiarity with Kundalini yoga is helpful, but this class is... read more

It’s Gold And Pink And I Got A Feather

Things are getting pretty freakin’ groovy around my house, and you know what?! I kinda love it. I have no problem holding two diametrically-opposed views at exactly the same time, so while I’m mentally mocking the notion of “connecting to the divine” and “sitting like the Buddha,” I am also simultaneously falling in love with and totally digging on those ideas. And ocean... read more

A Walk In The Park

Today marks the ends of my first week of replacing my morning WOD with a walk around my neighborhood. (If you’re wondering why I’m walking instead of WODing, read this post on “The Healing Experiment.”) It’s too soon to notice a significant difference in how I feel, but I have stopped pouting, so that’s a big step in the right direction. Here are a few observations and... read more

A Healing Experiment

Last January, I bared my soul and my body in what I hoped would be “before” photos. My plan was to live as the best version of myself to evolve to my ideal body composition without making myself nuts. I banished the idea of “goals” and “rules” and decided to just live my life. That didn’t mean I tossed my good habits out the window. In fact, the no-pressure... read more

Friday Flashback: My Third Eye

I’ve been blogging here since 2008, and – if I do say so myself – there’s some good stuff in my archive that you might have missed. On Fridays, I’m going to take you on a Friday Flashback and point you to some good stuff from the checkered past of The Clothes Make The Girl. My Third Eye & Counting Down From 100 Originally posted on July 1, 2008, this post was written the... read more

Downward What Now?!

Yesterday, I went to my very first yoga class. Ever. I know that probably sounds kind of shocking, but (1) anytime I’ve tried yoga, it’s been at home with a DVD and (2) I tend to be put off by the (perceived) grooviness, so I’ve avoided it. Fair or not, I had a preconception about the music, the potential for incense, the possibility of overly-hairy or overly-smelly classmates, and I have... read more

Estelle Parsons Kicks Ass

You probably recognize the actress Estelle Parsons‘s face, if not her name. I know her from her memorable appearances on Law & Order, but most people are likely know her for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar she won in 1967 for playing Blanche Barrow (Bonnie’s sister) in Bonnie and Clyde. The New York Times ran a feature story on her yesterday because she’s playing a... read more

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