Get Fuzzy Wisdom

Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley is my favorite comic strip of all time. Bucky, the naughty cat, has been on a kick lately to become a spiritual guru, and he’s been experimenting on/torturing the sweet-but-kinda-dim dog Satchel. I can totally relate to the question in today’s installment: You can get more Get Fuzzy at (There’s also this... read more

September Is National Yoga Month

For the next month, instead of saying “um…” you could say, “ohm.” It’s National Yoga Month! In 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month, so if you’ve been thinking you want to give yoga a try, now is the best time. And if you’ve been thinking you don’t want to give yoga try, now is an excellent time... read more

Strength & Sprints & Satnam

Warning: workout war stories ahead. As I explained last week, although I’ve been lax about sharing my workouts in my blog, I have been doing the workouts — and thanks to my new good health report card, I’m hitting ’em pretty hard. And loving it! Here’s what I’ve been to, sweat-wise. Wednesday, March 20: Strength It’s Week 3 of the Wendler 5/3/1 cycle, which means... read more

Strength Tuesday 2/5/13 (w/ Bonus Bear)

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I’m following the Wendler 5/3/1 strength training program. Twice a week, Dave and I are hitting the craptastic gym in our Converse to lift heavy and crank through a mini-metcon. Grin Grimace and Bear It Not this bear: Or this bear: Or this bear: Nope. I mean a bear like this: I mean the deadly Bear Complex. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a... read more

Daily Practice: Two Easy Steps To Bliss

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I gave you some tips to make Turkey Day one of your best holidays ever. All of those tips apply to the next few weeks, too. I challenge lovingly encourage you to make this a joyous, truly celebratory holiday season by making a little time each day to take care of yourself. Right now, you might be trying to plan your holiday eating strategy— or you might decide to take... read more

Kundalini Continues To Be Weird

It’s been a while since I shared some of my kundalini adventures, but rest assured, I’m still getting my weird on a few times a week. In fact, November 16 was my Kundaliniversary, and I’m proud to say that in the year I’ve been practicing meditation, I’ve become more adept at relaxing into it and staying focused. Sure, there was that time I thought about the Stay Puft... read more

Yoga Against My Will

I’m on a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico this week. If things are going right, I’m either meditating, bare foot running, or sipping a pina colada right now. I’ll be back in the world of all things digital on June 4. Until then, enjoy this post and take good care of yourself. If someone had told me a year ago that now I’d be looking forward to a week on the beach with a bunch of yoga... read more

Gone To Mexico

I still find myself quite surprised to be typing these words, but here goes: Dave and I are off to a yoga retreat. We’re going to the Maya Tulum Resort in Mexico with a crew from YogaYoga. My plan is to completely disconnect from the internet, so no blog, no email, no Twitter, no Facebook… just sun, sand, surf, Satnam, books, running, meditation, CrossFit workouts, and romance with my handsome... read more

Walking Your Path

Our kundalini instructor Robin gave us a prompt for a visualization in class last week, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since. She had us close our eyes and visualize a path. There were no specifics other than that at first: just visualize a path. I immediately thought of the hiking trail in Tennessee Valley, in Marin County, California. This is what the trail looks like as you start your... read more

Gong to Costa Rica

If someone had told me a year ago what I’d be doing this weekend, I would have thought they were out of their minds — and then I might have hit ’em with two for being lame. What a difference a year makes! Tonight, Dave and I are off to an event called Gong Gong Gongathon. I know! Can you even?! It’s a one-hour kundalini yoga class followed by a 45-minute gong concert. I anticipate... read more

Ohm Ma Goodness

It’s been a while since I shared my yoga adventures. Rest assured: I’ve been getting my Satnam on with my kundalini teacher Robin every week. I continue to be completely entranced by the variety of ways she directs us to breathe. In the last few weeks, we’ve moved way, WAY beyond the standard breath of fire… – tongue out, breathe through the mouth – tongue out, breathe... read more

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