20 Degrees Was Going To Be Our Excuse

I watched the weather forecast last night with my buddies Dread, Glee, Commitment, and Negotiation. Dread said, “Oh, man! It’s going to be, like, 20 degrees tomorrow morning and really windy. Our workout is gonna suck!” Glee nodded in agreement. “If it’s that cold, we can stay home from CrossFit Women and workout on our own instead… inside… at, like, 7:30 instead... read more

What’s In A Name? Thrusters, It Turns Out

This morning at CrossFit Central, we did a workout called “Lizette.” It was named for a member of another CrossFit Women class who is, according to all reports, kicking ass and taking names with her training. I wonder how she feels about her name being associated thrusters, a movement I’ve previously declared my arch nemesis. This is Lizette, not doing a thruster. Lucky girl! The elite... read more

A Workout of Things That I Hate

This blog post could also have been called “These are a few of my least favorite things.” Our CrossFit Women workout this morning: 10 – 15 – 20 – 15- 10 reps, 20-minute max: thrusters, 50-lbs. pullups situps Let’s take them one at a time, shall we? ThrustersI’ve documented my disdain and disgust for thrusters here and here and at every workout ever in the... read more

Oh, Thrusters!

How I love-hate you! The air was liquid this morning, and I regretted my long pants and long-sleeved shirt pretty much immediately. Dis-gust-ing! Thankfully, Crystal’s workout was challenging enough to wipe all thoughts of petty comfort from my mind. NO THINKING, just DOING. Our workout3 rounds for time: 20 lunges in place 30 thrusters, 15-lb. dumbbells 40 swings, 25-lb. dumbbell 50 dead lift,... read more

Thrusters Can Suck It

I hate ’em. I’ve grown to love burpees. Respect pullups. Admire handstands. Welcome lunges. But thrusters? Hate.Them. Our Bootcamp Workout4 rounds for time:15 thrusters, 15-lb. dumbbells8 R arm snatch, 15-lb. dumbbell8 L arm snatch, 15-lb. dumbbell50 walking lunges My time: 14:33 Medicine Ball Abs4X 15 V-twists, 6-lb. ball4X V-holds15 partner situp+throw, 10-lb. ball50 partner Russian twist,... read more

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