Turkey Day Tabata & Feast Gone Bad

This Thanksgiving, I’ll be starting the day with meditation, then watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s all about balance, people. Then later in the day – between eating and going to a movie — Dave and I have a date to toss a Nerf football around in preparation for the Ravens v. Steelers on Thursday night. (Go Ravens!). If you’re hanging around your house or... read more

Tropical Tabata

It’s not all plantains and pina coladas — I mean, it’s mostly plantains and pina coladas, but a girl’s gotta do some moving around to keep her sanity. Yesterday, we played frisbee on the beach, then strolled toward Tamarindo until we hit the DO NOT CROSS estuary. And this morning, we joined the iguanas in the garden for Tropical Tabata. A full tabata workout is 8 x (:20 work + :10... read more

Monday Tabata

My snatch skills took a sabbatical this morning, and my knees-to-elbows were more like “knees somewhere in the vicinity of my torso, sorta, when my hands aren’t slipping off the bar from the humidity.” But… I fought for the lifts, got over my not insubstantial heebies about trying to jump on the box with plates in my hands (And really, what was I so worried about? By the third... read more

Oh, Good! There’s Time For Squats, Too

Wednesday night pre-bed ritual:1. Drink Natural Calm2. Eat 1 tablespoon of Sunbutter3. Brush teeth4. Squeeze Smudge5. Check Twitter for workout6. Dream about the weight to use for deadlifts  CrossFit Women WorkoutTABATA! :20 on/:10 off for eight roundsdeadliftburpeessitups Unlike when we did the 2010: A Tabata Odyssey workout and took a break in between tabata sets, this morning, we went straight... read more

2010: A Tabata Odyssey

In the wake of celebrating Halloween with the Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout, pre-Christmas with The Twelve Days of CrossFit Christmas, and Christmas Eve with the modified Filthy Fifty, a reader challenged me to post a New Year’s workout that would motivate y’all to get up and out on the first day of 2010. Fun! OK! I noticed something about next year… 2010 It looks remarkably like... read more

A Workout of Things That I Hate

This blog post could also have been called “These are a few of my least favorite things.” Our CrossFit Women workout this morning: 10 – 15 – 20 – 15- 10 reps, 20-minute max: thrusters, 50-lbs. pullups situps Let’s take them one at a time, shall we? ThrustersI’ve documented my disdain and disgust for thrusters here and here and at every workout ever in the... read more

You Can Do Anything for Twenty Seconds

Ah, Tabata… how can 20 seconds feel so long, and 10 seconds seem so short?! [Which reminds me of a Social Distortion song... "Minutes seem like hours / And days seem like weeks / How could a year last so f*cking long?" Check it out: "When She Begins" from the one of the greatest albums ever Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.] Anyway, back to rock star workouts… My day started at 4:15 when I... read more

Put It On My Tab(ata)

I was both relieved (OK, cool… a workout I recognize.) and horrified (GAH! Tabata!) when I saw the whiteboard at CrossFit Women this morning. Full tabata: pullups, pushups, situps, squats. For those of you who have yet to experience the painful glory of the tabata, it’s 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest… eight times. Who would think that four itty-bitty, teeny-tiny,... read more

Did Someone Slip Me a Mickey?!

Man! Bonita, Dave, and I met at the UTB area today to do our workout: Bonita and me because we’re training for ZOOMA; Dave simply because he’s awesome. Our plan was to do a modified version of Tabata Something Else (details below) and a 6-mile run, but I was feeling meh about the whole thing so we revised on-the-fly and decided to do a 4-mile loop instead. Big ups to Dave and B for their tabata... read more

Fresh Air is Beckoning

I’m really hating my corporate overlords today, and I wish I could go outside and play. And I’m wearing a dress so I can’t even go amuse myself in the back hallway with burpees or a handstand against the wall. Damn it! Bootcamp today: Tabata squats: 21-20-21-20-15-20-21-21 Ha! Look at that lame-ass 15 in there. I totally wussed out on that 5th one. I stopped in the middle! There’s... read more

Alotta Tabata

Before last October, I was blissfully unaware of the term “tabata,” but now it’s part of my everyday vocabulary. Lucky me. The Tabata Protocol consists of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The cycle is repeated eight times for a total of four minutes of work. It’s named after Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., a former researcher at Japan’s National... read more

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