I’m Adventure Girl: A Story In Photos

Dave and I wrapped ourselves in (cheap) satin capes, dubbed ourselves Big Man and Adventure Girl (!), and went for an epic walk in the woods this weekend, part of the Chad Hero race series. The annual event is a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Dartmouth, and most of the participants in the Half Marathon, 5k Run, 1-mile Fun Run, 5k Walk, and 10k Wooded Hike dress up in superhero costumes to... read more

The Pats: A Story In Photos

Over the past few NFL seasons, I’ve slowly become a dedicated New England Patriots fan – and that was even before we decided to move to Vermont. This is a huge suprise to everyone, including me. After much consideration, I’ve created a short list of teams I like for a variety of reasons. But let it be known that the Pats are my numero uno. To make my faves list, I can’t perceive that... read more

Hike in Quechee Gorge: A Story in Photos

I’ll tell you what: Getting 10,000 steps every day is really fun in Vermont! It’s exciting to be in a new environment, and the possibilities for leisurely strolls and vigorous hikes in our new home are mind-boggling. So far, it looks like the Northern Rail Trail, starting in Lebanon near our gym, will be the go-to for weekday, “I gotta get outside right now” walks. But we’ve... read more

Hello, Vermont: A Story In Photos

We are happily settling into our new home in White River Junction, Vermont, despite the fact that we have six pieces of IKEA furniture to put together and are surrounded by about 70 boxes (not an exaggeration) that need to be unpacked. Here are some photos from our adventures as we said adios to Austin, Texas, and hello to Vermont. Once upon a time… This enormous truck from Gentle Giant arrived at... read more

Sand & Sun: A Story In Photos

Once upon a time… … we went to Miami (cue Will Smith song) for the BlogHer Food Conference. I picked up some excellent Pinterest tips from Lisa Wells of Cook Eat Paleo, had the great pleasure of meeting Dianne Jacob in person, ate my weight in yuca (fries and boiled and chips, oh my), and spent quality time in the sun and sand of South Beach. Here are some highlights from our adventures. And... read more

Russian House Bday: A Story In Photos

Once upon a time… We celebrated my May 1 birthday (and International Workers’ Day) at the Russian House restaurant with some of my favorite people. The restaurant has an extensive gluten-free menu and is very paleo friendly (unless you indulge in the smooth vodka they serve up in alluring little shot glasses and the Staropramen — my favorite Czech beer — they have on tap). The Russian House... read more

Serve Gourmet: A Story In Photos

Austin was delightfully chilly today — my perfect weather, really: a little blustery and nippy enough that a stroll outdoors is refreshing and relaxing inside is cozy. We spent the afternoon at Serve Gourmet, eating food from Well Fed and Well Fed 2 — that I didn’t have to make! — and meeting lovely paleo people. Take a look. Numero uno awesome thing about today: this sign outside the store.... read more

Chop! Chop!: A Story In Photos

The first time I had a bowl cut, with John Taylor of Duran Duran, circa 1993 I’ve been thinking about chopping off my hair for a few months. The motivations were many: I’m craving change and new adventures. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I had short hair, so I associate cropped cuts with being youthful and daring. There was this photo of Madonna and the way I’ve been listening to... read more

Something’s Fishy: A Story In Photos

Last week, Dave faced what might have been his biggest photography challenge to date: He had to photograph a whole fish for one of the Well Fed 2 divider pages. For most photographers, once they’d figured out the technical details, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Dave isn’t most photographers. For starters, he’s more awesome than the average person. And secondly, he’s allergic... read more

My New Tattoo: Story In Photos

May 1 was my birthday, and I celebrated the way any mature, responsible, 45-year-old woman might: I decided to get a new tattoo while on vacation in Prague. And then I sweet-talked Dave into joining me. Here are the snaps from the day we got matching star tattoos to celebrate aging as loudly and inappropriately as possible. We chose Tribo, based on recommendations from Reddit. The shop was booked, but... read more

I’ll Take The Stairs: Story in Photos

Our (temporary) apartment in Prague is just off Old Town Square, in a narrow alley with large wooden doors on either end. After midnight, the doors are locked and the alley disappears from view, while we sleep four floors above the cobblestones. Radiating out from the square are the streets that lead to Prague’s other delights: the Charles Bridge and beyond to the castle, side streets that lead to a... read more

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