Laziest Cooking EVER

So it’s Sunday afternoon at 5:00. I’ve just finished watching the Giants get slammed by the Bengals while simultaneously testing two recipes for Well Fed 2. Tomorrow is “errands day” with trips to the post office and grocery store on the agenda. But then I remember: I need to cook chicken breasts and sweet potatoes for my breakfast tomorrow. My inner 8-year-old pouts, stomps her... read more

Slow-Cooker Italian Pork Roast

There was a cosmic convergence among five factors to bring this recipe post into your kitchens: 1. Nom Nom Paleo did a cooking demo of her incredibly, lusciously delicious Slow Cooker Kalua Pig at our paleo throwdown in Estes Park, Colorado — and her 3-ingredient recipe inspired me to think about how I could adapt her technique to some other flavors. 2. I’ve had to jettison spices this month... read more

5-Spice Slow-Cooker Pork Ribs

As much as I enjoy playing in the kitchen, I like to balance “project recipes” (I’m looking at you, Paleo Chicken Bastila.) and dead-simple dishes that require almost no work with a big flavor payoff. This is my first in a series of Super Simple recipes that are made with minimal fuss, just a few ingredients, and produce leftovers that can be used in other dishes. I don’t know... read more

Buffalo Chicken Chopped Salad & Other Super Bowl Recipes

Thanks to my newly-discovered love of watching football on TV, I’m super duper excited about the Super Bowl. (I even got a vintage-inspired Patriots sweatshirt to wear on Sunday to show my team spirit.) One of my fondest Super Bowl memories is from about a decade ago in California. Dave and I took over a table in a dark, wood-paneled sports bar with my parents, and we all drank beer and chowed down... read more