Let It Snow?

Sadly, it didn’t snow during our morning run, but it was a gloriously chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit with brilliant sunshine. I’m on Week 5 of the Zombies, Run! 5K Training Program and have graduated to 10-minute “free runs” (where I run and walk as I see fit) with intervals of 60-second running drills alternating with 30-second walks. It feels SO GOOD! I didn’t want to stop... read more

Friday Fun: Two Crazy-Awesome Videos

This is 13 minutes of crazy-ass driving and traffic accidents from Russia. Dave kept telling me I had to watch it, and I kept saying, “Yeah, yeah… when I have time.” YOU NEED TO MAKE TIME RIGHT NOW! (For maximum impact, watch it in full-screen mode — and fasten your seatbelt!) I’m kind of a fan of the dorkiness of a capella singing — and this video of two guys recreating the... read more

Brains! Cauliflower Brains!

Three hundred sixty four days of the year, cauliflower is a gentle vegetable. So humble, so bland and unassuming, so eager to please. What other vegetable allows you to grate it to smithereens to make rice or mash it into submission or purée it until it’s creamy comfort in a bowl? But one day a year, on October 31, when witches fly across the sky and demons crawl from the depths of the netherworld... read more

Geeking Out

This weekend, I’m completely geeking out. I know this confession will come as a huge surprise to absolutely everyone no one. Friday: John Taylor So… I’ve written before about my John Taylor Problem. The short version is that when I was in high school, JT — bass player and founder of Duran Duran — was supposed to marry me and whisk me away to Paris. That didn’t happen, but I did... read more

Tuesday 10: My J.Lo Problem

Despite my best intentions, I have a well-documented inability to resist a handful of things that are potentially embarrassing and may be of somewhat questionable quality. At our house, we call this “having a problem,” as in “I have a well-known whipped cream problem.” In no particular order, the main offenders are: whipped cream an open bag of Baked Lay’s a twisty, windy... read more

Eggsperiment: A Story In Photos

The Eggsperiment Theory It is hot enough in Austin to fry an egg on the street. The Report on our Eggsperiment We hit the street at 5:44 p.m., usually the hottest part of the day, to test the theory that it is, indeed, hot enough to fry an egg. I placed the egg ring on the street in a sunny spot and cracked one of our precious cage-free, organic, omega-3 eggs onto the ashpalt. Then we waited to see if... read more

Go, Carnivores!

I’m working on a real blog post for you… promise. But first, I have to go to the eye doctor for my annual checkup and do some other writing work. My boss is so demanding! ‘Til then, enjoy this.   (Note to my vegetarian friends: This is all in good fun. You are lovely people, and as I have now become one of the world’s pickiest eaters myself, I honor your personal food choices... read more

When I Went Gluten Free

I’m on a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico this week. If things are going right, I’m either meditating, bare foot running, or sipping a pina colada right now. I’ll be back in the world of all things digital on June 4. Until then, enjoy this post and take good care of yourself. This site I’m about to tell you about is very silly. I like that! Treat yourself nicely and visit When I Went... read more


On Wednesdays, our Farmhouse Delivery basket arrives. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the process of unpacking, bagging, and adding the veggies to our inventory in the fridge. Somehow I always forget it’s coming, and instead of being excited to see it, I usually groan: Ugh! The Farmhouse is here. Like it’s the worst news in the world. Like I’m Eeyore. Like the last drops of... read more

Singin’ In The Rain

It’s the 60th anniversary of the premiere of the MGM film Singin’ in the Rain. Take a break from planning your next paleo feast or strategizing about your WOD to enjoy these clips. Guaranteed to make you smile, no stopwatch or food log required. The song “Singin’ in the Rain” performed by Gene Kelly is the classic, and there are plenty of reasons to adore it. The elegant... read more

Boots and Cats (and Bison)

There are four reasons I’m sharing this video: 1. Boots! 2. Cats! 3. Bison 4. I find it delightful and silly. Enjoy! (You will think you’ve seen it all after about 30 seconds, but treat yourself and stick around ’til the end when bison makes an appearance.) read more

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