I Went Running Today

Even when I did it all the time, I never became a very fast runner. But man! I loved running. Even when I hated running, I loved running. Just the shoes, the trail, some music, the rhythm of my breathing, and that feeling of being free. You can’t catch me! La la la… I used to play games on the trail around the lake. I’d pick someone up ahead and see if I could pass them. Or I’d... read more

Steady State Cardio = Thyroid Killer?

I ditched “steady-state cardio” — those endless slogs of running for hours at the same pace — a long time ago… partially because I hated it (so boring!) but mostly because smart people told me that intervals and strength training were much better options for fat loss. But before I got smarter about my training, I did a lot of steady-state cardio. I used to participate in triathlons,... read more

Thoughts From The Trail

Warning: A great night’s sleep plus an invigorating run/walk around the lake has been known to inspire a contemplative mood. Here are two thoughts I worked over this morning while I shuffled my feet in the gravel. They might be kinda squishy and groovy; sue me. 1. Butterflies Into Caterpillars [photo] This story has been very helpful to me in the past, and I remembered it when I saw a butterfly... read more

Running Revelations

This morning, I hit the Town Lake Trail for an hour of deep breathing and talking to myself. It was wholly rejuvenating, and when I came home, I sautéed up a Hot Plate of collard greens, sweet potatoes, and chicken breast. While I ate, I scribbled in my journal: “Got the snakes out of my brain.” In no particular order, here are my… Running Revelations The “Just Enough”... read more

Mission 9: Costa Rica

If you haven’t treated yourself to the app Zombies, Run! yet, don’t wait! Get it now; so much fun. And if you are running from zombs, I gotta tell you: Mission 9 is so so so good. The story takes an unexpected, poignant turn, and it’s brilliant. I felt sheer elation at the end of the mission when I finally ran through the gates to Abel. Naomi Alderman, the author of the story (and some... read more

Zombs On The Costa Rican Beach!

So far, the app Zombies, Run! has transformed my runs from ordinary to Holy sh*t! Zombies… run! in the very best way possible. Whether I’m running under moody skies in my (usually boring) neighborhood or in brilliant sunshine on the hike & bike trail around the lake, Zombies, Run! makes every workout more fun — and mildly terrifying. Today, I tested it on Playa Grande here in Costa Rica.... read more

Pop Quiz: Morning Run Edition

We hit the trail in the sunshine and perfect temps this morning for a workout with Zombies, Run! I did 3:30/1:00 running/walking, and when we’d finished our official missions, we walked about 30 minutes around the lake, enjoying the dogs and the easy start to the day. So, observant readers… Which of the following did I actually see on my run this morning? A. Bluebonnets B. A hot air... read more

5 Cool Things About Running With The Zombies

Focus one point and breathe. This is a real conversation from Wednesday morning while I laced up my shoes to go run from zombies. Me: I figured if nothing’s going to work to help me lose weight right now, I may as well do what’s fun. Dave: That sentence works even better if you take off the first part. Me: … [unable to think of a smartass reply because to some degree, he was right] The... read more

Review: Zombies, Run!

I put my headphones in my ears, and hit the “Start Mission” button. The first thing I heard? The sound of helicopter rotors. Then a crisp British accent began to describe the scenery below. I was in the helicopter! Before I knew it, something terrible had happened — there might have been a rocket launcher involved — and then an urgent voice shouted: They’re coming. There are 30, no... read more

40-Minute Friday

For the last few weeks, our Friday morning workouts at CrossFit Austin have been Monsters of Cardio. There’s been lots of running, interspersed with stuff like burpees and pullups and double-unders and such. The running distances have been longer than usual – 800s or “run for 5:00, 4 rounds” – and the cutoff times for the workouts have been at 40 minutes – twice as long as... read more

Baby We Were Born To Run

It’s Saturday! Take a load off and enjoy these videos that will make you want to hit the streets or a running trail this weekend: two rock stars (of different kinds) on why tramps like us were born to run… Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen and Bruce in London. Enjoy! First, the smarts… And second,... read more

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