Tuesday 10: Fave Paleo Products

Generally speaking, I like to make everything from scratch, and I don’t eat treats very often. My food life is mostly built around protein, veggies, fruit, and coconut oil. But I’m not a machine, people! Sometimes I want to tear into a package that contains something delicious, that I didn’t have to make, and eat it like an animal. These are some of my favorite paleo-friendly products,... read more

Review: Nom Nom Paleo

(Photo from Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong/Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC 2013)   I adore the person and the output that is Nom Nom Paleo (a.k.a. Michelle Tam) and her delightful family. As I explained in my Q&A with her a few days ago, after a somewhat inauspicious beginning, we’ve become good friends. And not just because we’re both paleo cooks. It’s because... read more

Review: Carbonell Olive Oil

I have to tell you about Carbonell olive oil — and not just because the company sent me a free bottle. No! I have to tell you about Carbonell olive oil because it is crazy good. First, a confession. I know as a foodie, I’m supposed to take things like choosing an olive oil very seriously, but I’m mostly lazy about stuff like that. I keep a row of oils and flavored vinegars along my... read more

Heads Up: New Healthy Living Books

These are the last books I’m going to talk about until I start talking about my own for a while. (Well Fed 2! Well Fed 2! Well Fed 2!) But these are recent additions to the “Get healthier and know yourself better” canon, so I wanted to let you know about them. What follows are not reviews of these books, i.e., I’m not providing a concise overview of their merits and foibles because I... read more

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods Giveaway

Just as there are comfort foods, there are “comfort people.” You know the ones I mean: They’re fun and funny, warm and supportive, smart without being too intellectual, and you know that when you spend time with them, you’re going to feel good about the world. It’s fitting that Charles and Julie Mayfield have made a name for themselves with paleo comfort food, because they... read more

Nikki’s Coconut Butter Giveaway

Look. I know I have a deserved reputation as a stick-in-the-mud about paleo treats. I whole-heartedly agree with the Whole9’s argument about SWYPO. So, yes, I wrinkle my nose at baked confections made with almond flour and at chocolate, gooey goodies loaded with honey. But you guys know the truth, right? The lust I feel for those treats – coupled with the knowledge that, on most days, I... read more

Chomp on Chomps!

It’s no secret that there is a lot of junk food lust in my past. Yes, my mom and dad were excellent cooks and taught me my way around the kitchen. Yes, we ate dinner together as a family almost every night – around 5:00 p.m. – until I graduated from high school. And yes, our meals usually included meat, vegetables, and salad (along with rice!). But I also snarfed my way through plenty of frozen... read more

Review & Recipe: Nutcase Crunch

  Sometimes I really miss cereal and milk. That seems like a strange thing to crave to me. I mean, pizza, baked brie, burritos — these things make sense. But a bowl of cereal? Who craves cereal?! I do, apparently. Sometimes I long for that crunchy, sweet, creamy combo that only a bowl of something crisp, swimming in cool milky goodness, can provide. And that’s where Nutcase Crunch can come... read more

Review & Giveaway: Beyond Bacon

Let’s just say it right up front: piggies are really cute, and piggies are really, really delicious. No one knows that better than Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, a.k.a., the Paleo Parents and authors of both  Eat Like a Dinosaur (which I previously reviewed) and the beautiful new paleo cookbook Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog. Beyond Bacon encourages us to Praise the Lard!... read more

Review: The Paleo Coach

I’ve been following Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo since the beginning of my paleo days, and I always enjoy guest posts from her partner-in-health, coach Jason Seib. He writes with passion and delivers tough love that we sometimes need to hear, like this post called The Secret that stresses the idea that we should train our bodies with love (see also: You Can’t Fix a Body You Hate). Now... read more

Review: Rich Food Poor Food

When Dave and I made the commitment to eating high-quality, real food — dino-chow, paleo, whatever you want to call it — we spent a memorable few hours in the grocery store, reading labels and yelling things like, “WHY DOES THIS SALSA HAVE WHEAT IN IT?!” while angrily slamming jars back onto shelves. It’s a sad truth of making the switch to paleo that the grocery store can become a... read more

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