Reading Day 2: Recharge

On January 1, Dave and I tried our first official Reading Day. (You can read all about it here, including my lengthly list of favorite books.) It was a reaction to the massive amount of exhausting, awesome fun we’d been having since our move to Vermont. We enjoyed the intense relaxation of Reading Day so much, we decided to put one on the calendar once a month when we were developing our plan to... read more

Reading Day: The Ultimate Staycation

I’m tired. Not the “I stayed up too late last night, so I’m a little droopy” kind of tired. I’m the “please don’t make me put on makeup and get dressed” kind of tired. In the last six months, we moved from Austin, Texas to White River Junction, Vermont; restructured our business; Dave completed a semester of Cartoon School; I launched my Quarterly box; we... read more

Reading *Is* Sexy

Big hugs of thanks to blog reader Michelle L. (and her awesome husband) for directing me to this video. Enjoy! For the record, right now, I have books scattered throughout the house that I’m reading: a funny little Hungarian cookbook I got for $3 at Goodwill sits next to the tub for browsing during an epsom soak… an equally charming Bulgarian cookbook waits on the counter in the kitchen for... read more

The Word-Nerd WOD

On Friday, I lit a fire under my butt and decided to tackle the ever-growing stacks of discarded books that darkened the hallway of our office. It started a few months ago: Dave was cleaning out his office, and he stacked books he wanted sell at Half Price Books in the hallway. I began to add my own castoffs and now, we’d grown accustomed to maneuvering our way around the four stacks of books that... read more

Feed Your Mind: Coursera

This will not be a surprise to those of you who’ve caught onto the fact that I’m a giant nerd: I loved being a student… stocking up on textbooks and supplies, pouring over a syllabus, writing assignment dates on my calendar, being tested and graded, and — most especially — learning new things. IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO LEARN NEW THINGS! A few months ago, Dave took an online songwriting... read more

Jane Eyre… In Slovenian

Longtime readers know that Jane Eyre is my very favorite book, and I collect unusual copies just because I love the book so very much. On the first day of my first visit to Prague in 2010, I found a copy in an antikvariat to add to my collection, and today, I found this two-volume set in Slovenian at an antikvariat here in Ljubljana. Yes, the cover and spine are in English, but the back says... read more

Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook

I’m a proud member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and we’ve got a new cookbook coming your way. Available in April, The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook is packed with recipes from Austin’s most vocal food lovers. The project was spearheaded by Addie Broyles, a.k.a., the dynamo. She’s a founder of the AFBA, the food writer for the Austin-American Statesman, and one of... read more

2012: My Year In Books (Fiction)

(Get your “Reading is Sexy” mug, sticker, etc. here) It’s just as important that we feed our minds as it is to feed our bodies, and I like tucking into a book almost as much as stuffing my face with Chocolate Chili. Last year, I read somewhere in the neighborhood of 56 books, give or take a few I started and abandoned, and a handful of cookbooks I skimmed. I loved some of them. I felt... read more

Review: The Primal Connection

I made the switch to Paleo back in the summer of 2009, based on the recommendation of Melissa Hartwig of Whole9, and my reasons were pure vanity: I’d lost a bunch of weight with the Weight Watchers program, and I wanted to get leaner (and stronger, but if I’m being honest, mostly leaner). In those days, all I cared about was learning what I should eat to lose weight. But as I continued to work... read more

Tuesday 10: My Favorite Cookbooks

One of the questions I’m asked fairly often is where I find inspiration for my recipes. Mostly, I let my appetite and my imagination take the lead: reading Jane Eyre makes me hungry for lamb stews and The Historian makes me crave Turkish food. Daydreaming about Prague inspired Czech Meatballs, and a particularly large bunch of collard greens were the catalyst for a new greens recipe. And then... read more

Sweet Child O’ Mine

This is all kinds of awesome. My favorite part is her joke about the vegetarians. Enjoy! More on Julia I read Julia’s autobiography — yeah, I call her Julia ’cause in my imagination, we’re besties — My Life In France while I was going through the transition of resigning from my corporate gig to become a full-time author. If you’re looking for inspiration to charge ahead for the... read more

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