Testing. Check 1, Check 2. Sibilance. Check, Check.

A few days ago, I told you about how I joined the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge at CrossFit Austin. Since then, our workouts have been devoted to testing so we have a baseline against which to compare ourselves when the Challenge comes to its (bitter – sweet) end in March. Generally, I love homework and tests. I was always ‘that girl’ in college: early for the exam, delighted when it... read more

You Never Know If Today Is The Day

[source] I almost stayed home from my workout this morning. I had plenty of reasons excuses: I have an annoying, but not health-threatening cough. It was cold outside. We were doing Helen which just seemed sooooo boooooorrrrriiinnngggg. I just didn’t want to do it. But CrossFit isn’t always about want. Sometimes it’s about need. And commitment. And holy shit! it’s December,... read more

A Day On Which Our Heroine Gets a PR And, Separately, Unintentionally, Cheats Herself

Hormone poisoning (HP) has begun, and it’s got me feeling all moody and Jane Eyre-y. Although the moodiness hasn’t taken an evil form yet, forewarned is forearmed – rage, tears, laughter, and some frightening combination off all three are probably nigh. (See? “Nigh.” I also considered “afoot.”) Despite the HP, I was super excited about the workout today. Tristy’s... read more

A PMS-Powered PR?!

Oh! Being a girl is so… interesting. Seriously. Trying to understand my brain and my body is like a daily science experiment. Especially when it’s hormone poisoning time. [photo] Sometimes, hormone poisoning comes on like a firestorm. Doors are slammed. Harsh words are spoken. Nasty thoughts are considered. And all the while – as plates make aggressive contact with countertops and... read more

200 Club: Here I Come

First, the bad news: I woke up with puffy eyes and feeling sluggish. I ignored both and headed to CrossFit Central to do deadlifts to finish CrossFit Total (Free CrossFit Journal article). The warmup was OK-ish until the 400m run. Bonita described the feeling perfectly in an email to me today: “… you feel like you are running in tar against a headwind with a 50lb. pack on and your shoelaces are... read more

I Am a Science Experiment

I’m trying to look at my current thyroid predicament as a science experiment. Eventually – say within the next three to six months – it will be figured out, and until then, I’m trying to dispassionately observe my habits and how I feel. Subject reported fatigue over the weekend despite sleeping 10 hours concurrently on both Friday and Saturday night. Subject reports no change in energy... read more

New Box Jump PR

For a long time, box jumps were my arch nemesis. Then on February 23, I finally jumped on that damn 20″ box. And every box jump since then has felt like a celebration ’cause I got that monkey off. my. back. Today, after a leisurely walk around the lake, Dave and I started jumping on stuff, specifically, the slabs of limestone that ring Austin City Hall. [Austin City Hall provides many... read more

Ring(s) of Fire

While you read my report on two major workouts this week, I invite you to enjoy the Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire” as performed by my numero uno favorite band in the world, Social Distortion. Social D has been covering this song so long – and so well – it’s practically THEIR song now. (Apologies to the Man in Black, but this version kills!) The fire was actually happening in my... read more

First O’ The Month Assessment = CrossFit Total

So… how did it go this morning? I find that I’m so grumpy I can express myself only in lists. 1. My previous PR on shoulder press was 75. Today the 75 felt like it floated up, but when I attempted 80… nada. zip. zilch. nil. zero. It just got stuck at the bottom and wouldn’t budge. (The push press with it was fun, though.) 2. I partnered with Bonita and our barbell rack was set up... read more

This Morning, I Did Not Jog

I ran. Through the Big Dog Woods, past the two pretty girls chatting while they jogged side-by-side with matching ponytails swinging behind them, up the spiral and across the deck, over the tiny lizard skittering through the dirt, “I was made for dancing… all, all, all, all night long” (thank you, Leif Garrett), hello turtles and geese!, up Monster hill, remember what you read about the... read more

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