Fiesta Pork Chops

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here’s a recipe that can turn a mundane Monday or a tiresome Tuesday into a fiesta! These pork chops are packed with so many festive flavors — and they’re so easy to make — this could quickly become a weeknight favorite at your house. After a quick browning in a hot pan, the pork chops are simmered in a sauce bursting with south of the border flair: chiles, lime... read more

MMM: Gyoza Soup With Pork Broth

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Karen Phelps, a.k.a.,@feralization, and the beautiful brain behind Paleo Periodical. Get cozy with luscious homemade pork broth studded with Gyoza Meatballs and tender vegetables. This recipe is part of March Meatball Madness; get all the recipes right here. Going Whole Hog Of all the bone broths I’ve loved before, there was one I hadn’t yet tried — pork. For... read more

MMM: Gyoza Meatballs

With Asian flavors in every bite — ginger, sesame, Shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, and more — these Gyoza Meatballs are as close as we can get to dumplings without getting gluten-ed. I promise, you’ll never miss the wrapper. This recipe is part of March Meatball Madness; get all the recipes right here. Gyoza Meatballs from Well Fed 2 Serves 2-4 | Prep 10 min | Chill 20 min | Cook 20 min |... read more

Bora Bora Fireballs

Clearly, I’ve got balls on the brain. We’ve been testing meatball recipes for Well Fed 2, and we have finally settled on the 15 (Yes! Fifteen!) varieties that will be included in the new cookbook. In honor of bringing the testing phase to a close, I thought I’d share a favorite of mine from the first Well Fed: Bora Bora Fireballs. These meatballs came to me in a dream. I woke up with... read more

Old School Italian Meat Sauce

In college, I had a 100% Italian-American boyfriend, and I was partially adopted by his very traditional family. His mom was about 4’10” and a spitfire, and every week, she had a cooking schedule. A certain day of the week meant soup, another day was always a roast, and Sunday was spaghetti and meatballs. She’d make the sauce on Saturday afternoon so it could simmer until after mass on... read more

Pork Belly… Come ‘N’ Get It

The good people at Tendergrass Farms know just what to say to make a paleo girl’s heart go pitter-patter, stuff like… “We have a surplus of pork bellies right now. How would you like to offer them to your readers?” Are those, or are those not, magic words? (And do you remember when they let me give away a free, pastured turkey?! They’re a stand-up company with a cool premise;... read more

Slow-Cooker Italian Pork Roast

There was a cosmic convergence among five factors to bring this recipe post into your kitchens: 1. Nom Nom Paleo did a cooking demo of her incredibly, lusciously delicious Slow Cooker Kalua Pig at our paleo throwdown in Estes Park, Colorado — and her 3-ingredient recipe inspired me to think about how I could adapt her technique to some other flavors. 2. I’ve had to jettison spices this month... read more

5-Spice Slow-Cooker Pork Ribs

I don’t know what’s gotten into me this week, but I’ve been on a serious Asian food kick. My poor cumin has been languishing in the spice cabinet as I reach for the Chinese five-spice powder and ginger. We recently got a new delivery of grass-fed beef that just about filled our freezer, so I’ve been working my way through back inventory of frozen meat. Tucked into far left corner of... read more

Chinese Pork Fried F’rice

You know what used to be fun? Picking up the phone and having a pile of Chinese food delivered. There were times that Dave and I ordered so much food, the restaurant would include six sets of chopsticks and six fortune cookies. Yeah, that’s right: they thought we were throwing some kind of dinner party, rather than feeding just the two of us while we watched a movie in a heap on the couch. I loved... read more

Paleo Al Pastor Tacos

Geniune al pastor tacos originated in Central Mexico and in spirit are more like Greek gyros or Lebanese sharwarma than the recipe below. They’re carved from a giant slab of pork that’s been mixed with other ingredients (potentially non-paleo ingredients) and roasted over a spit. Much as I adore the notion of adding a personal rotisserie spit to my kitchen arsenal, the only realistic way for... read more

Crazy-Good Barbecued Pulled Pork

Everywhere I look online lately, I’m tempted and delighted by Thanksgiving recipes – and trust, I will share some of my own with you in the coming days. But Thanksgiving is just one day. One awesome, delicious day… but one day, nonetheless. There are 364 other days this year on which we need to eat. For your consideration: Crazy-Good Barbecued Pulled Pork. This tasty hunk o’ meat will... read more

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