Toast SHOULD Have Low Self-Esteem

From Pleated... read more

Salon Reviews IHOP Stackers

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter (which you really should… look over there on the left…), I wanted to make sure you saw this. It’s Salon’s review of the new IHOP cream cheese-filled pancakes. There’s not much that scares me, but these things? Terrifying. Please read this review and enjoy every lusciously disgusting description. The visceral reaction to the... read more

I’ve Gone Mad!

To say I’m having a “bad day” at work this week is expecting the six little letters to do a lot of heavy lifting. And I’m about to do something crazy! I’m going to drink a Diet Coke. I know! Right? But I’m going to. Right now. Note: That beautiful badass in the background is NCIS Special Agent Salembier, doing pullups with her weapon in Camp Delaram, Afghanistan. Just... read more

So… What About That Crack Pie?

Yes, today was to be The Day: the day I make the Crack Pie. An unabashedly indulgent dessert made of brown sugar (lots of it!), butter (lots of it!), rolled oats. and milk powder. First step: make cookies. Second step: crush cookies into crust and mix with more butter. Last step: fill cookie crust with more butter and brown sugar. When push came to shove, I couldn’t do it. I present to you: Reasons I... read more

Warning: I Feel a Rant Coming On

In July, two Significant Things™ happened: I met the one-of-a-kind Moxy-Boss and saw Food, Inc. Both of those events changed forever the way I think about food and my body and eating. I now feel quite political about food. Real food. And cooking. And eating. And what those things mean for how I feel about myself and my loved ones. It’s heavy stuff. But it’s also just food. So most of the... read more

I Hope You Drop Your Cone On The Floor

This just arrived in my email: Amy’s Ice-Cream is here and setting up for the Birthday Bash. Come to the Kitchen at 2:00 for Ice Cream! Happy Birthday again to everyone!!! To that I... read more

Everything in a Hot Pocket

Designer Justin Perricone created a lovely poster of the Frankenfood ingredients found inside a ham-and-cheese Hot Pocket. On the outside, the Hot Pocket looks like this. (And may I say, “Ew!“?!) On the inside, thanks to Justin, we know it looks like... read more

Man. Oh, Man: Part 2… Plus, Fast Food Mafia

I’m busy playing with the corporate overlords today, so I have to keep this brief. An update on yesterday’s man-maker workout: I had the fastest time of the day on the workout at the 25# dumbbell weight. My first time EVER to see my name in the “best of the day” Tweet. That is a sweet balm on my sore shoulders! And now, for your viewing enjoyment, the Fast Food Mafia by... read more

Why We Get Fat

I haven’t seen the documentary Fat Head yet, and I really want to. The dude behind the film – Tom Naughton – has a pretty kickass blog that’s a mix of science and smart-assery. Love it! His recent dissection of the problems with Weight Watchers was particularly interesting to me because he raises many excellent points that also broke my heart. I have received and continue to get much value... read more

Again With the Agave Poison

Thanks to CrossFit Invictus for laying down the science on a sneaky sugar poison. Some tasty quotes from the article… It’s a Refined Sugar“Don’t be fooled by words like “organic” and “natural” on the labeling. Substituting your usual sugar with agave nectar is far from making a healthier choice… The fact that its manufacturing process is patented should probably be a big... read more

Melicious… SMASH!

There are cupcakes are our reception desk again. I can see them from my desk. Dozens of them: white, pink, and chocolate cake with white frosting and violets MADE FROM FROSTING on top. Everytime I walk past to get to the bathroom – which is a lot because I drink a lot of water and chamomile tea – I can smell the butter and sugar. This has been going on for four hours. I just had a very vivid... read more

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