The Devil’s Candy

Oh, sugar. You are pure evil. We dino-chow people know it. You know it. And now the rest of the world seems to be waking up to your underlying malevolence. The February 2 edition of Science Daily includes an article called “Societal Control of Sugar Essential to Ease Public Health Burden, Experts Urge.” It’s an overview of an article published in the journal Nature that basically outs... read more

Cupcakes Are Evil

Today is “Birthday Day” at our office, which means cupcakes (with sprinkles on top!) to celebrate all the people with birthdays this month. I, of course, declined. Again. [sigh] I’m in a conference room RIGHT NOW with people eating cupcakes and the aroma of the frosting is pretty hard to endure. I ADORE frosting, and I LOVE the smell. This is pretty much torture, and I’m feeling a... read more

Poison. P-P-P-Poison.

I encourage you to read this fascinating and wildly entertaining article called Death in the Pot. It takes a look at the early 20th century work of Harvey Washington Wiley, a “crusading chemist” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His mission was to investigate potential toxins added to the nation’s manufactured food supply to make those products appear and taste more appealing.... read more

I Think It’s Poison

I’m a little late getting to this, so you may have seen it already: a compelling article in the NYTimes called “Is Sugar Toxic?” I won’t try to summarize it here – much better if you go read it yourself. But here’s a tasty quote: It’s one thing to suggest, as most nutritionists will, that a healthful diet includes more fruits and vegetables… It’s entirely... read more

16 Packs Of Poison

Nice video from New York City Health Department. I love that they’re making the connection between sugar and heart disease. If only they’d left out the reference to milk! read more

I Have a Confession To Make: J.Lo & Three Musketeers

I’ve had two hard workout days in a row, and I’m on a deadline/stress-train at work. I am tired. While fretting and typing and fretting and thinking and fretting and drinking decaf tea, I perked up to an embarrassing degree when “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” materialized on my iTunes. “Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don’t… Think I wanna floss, I got my... read more

Poison. P-P-P-Poison.

Dave stopped into 7-Eleven last night and found the above. (What forbidden snack was Dave after in that bastion of junk food? I don’t know.) Yes, that’s right. It’s a 2-pound Rice Krispies Treat. And, yes, it’s called a “Treats Sheet.” According to the marketing propaganda, it’s ready-to-serve and “Great for kids’ parties and get-togethers.” It... read more

Poison That Tastes Like Poison

There are plenty of reasons not to chew gum, both aesthetic (chomping, really?!) and health-related. Given the general uselessness of chewing gum, I was particularly offended by this new dessert-inspired flavor. Take your sugar addiction with you wherever you go! Why, yes, I am the grouchy old lady down street! Thanks for... read more

Take That, Sugar Poison!

Big thanks to my pal Mel G. for sending me this awesome... read more

Taking Gluttony To A New Level

I’m all for the occasional indulgence. Food is not only necessary, it’s DELICIOUS, and sometimes a girl’s just got to have a few bites of an apple strudel. I am not the holier-than-thou food police. Sweet things, cheesy things, fried things… I love them. Or, more accurately, I enjoy good versions of them sometimes, when the planets are aligned just right, and I feel like I’ve... read more

Pork Rinds: A Cautionary Tale

Around our house we call them “red light foods.” You know the ones… the stuff you just can’t have in the house because you’ll snarf your way through the entire bag/box/container/bowl until every last lick/bite/crumb is gone. A few weeks ago, I took a reader’s advice and modified my Scotch Egg recipe by rolling the meatball in crushed pork rinds. They were delicious!... read more

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