The Brave Ones

Come along with me on a Friday romp — this story is going to weave together punk rock dreams, self-publishing, Roller Derby, Social Distortion, and doing Good Things. Ready? Back in 2005 — holy shit! has it really been that long?! — I was better known as Melicious, a blocker for the Hotrod Honeys roller derby team. I was also shopping around a book proposal to major publishers for what would... read more

Brian Williams + Sugarhill Gang

When I was about 12 years old, I went roller skating at the Roller Roost II every weekend, and I was desperately in love with Mike, the lanky, blonde, sort of stoner kid who worked the skate rental counter most of the time, but sometimes sometimes magical-sometimes, was the substitute DJ in the carpet-covered booth that towered over the skating floor. Mike’s favorite song was “Rapper’s... read more

Geeking Out

This weekend, I’m completely geeking out. I know this confession will come as a huge surprise to absolutely everyone no one. Friday: John Taylor So… I’ve written before about my John Taylor Problem. The short version is that when I was in high school, JT — bass player and founder of Duran Duran — was supposed to marry me and whisk me away to Paris. That didn’t happen, but I did... read more

Tuesday 10: My Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

I don’t usually wear a costume on Halloween (because in my world, every day is dress-up day), but I do love to think about zombies and vampires and demons from Hell — and daydream about the (delicious) crappy candy I won’t be eating. Thanks to Hilah, I had Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the book, not the movie) and The Historian on my mind for a few days, and Richard Kadrey’s Sandman... read more

Tuesday 10: My J.Lo Problem

Despite my best intentions, I have a well-documented inability to resist a handful of things that are potentially embarrassing and may be of somewhat questionable quality. At our house, we call this “having a problem,” as in “I have a well-known whipped cream problem.” In no particular order, the main offenders are: whipped cream an open bag of Baked Lay’s a twisty, windy... read more

Great Running Song: Cruel To Be Kind

Last night Dave and I went to see Nick Lowe at La Zona Rosa here in Austin. I was mostly excited to see him because I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love the song Cruel To Be Kind. It was released in 1979, when I was 11. Those were my roller skating glory days when I spend every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at Willow Lake Skating Rink. I can only imagine that I took many laps around the... read more

A Little Gypsy Music

About 100 miles south of Prague is a small city called Cesky Krumlov that inspires daydreams of princesses and werewolves. The town and castle construction started in the late 13th century, and most of the old town is tucked into a horseshoe of the Vltava River. It looks like this: … and this: … and this. The castle has a drawbridge and a bear pit populated by European brown bears, and on... read more

A Pre-Prague Musical Extravaganza With Frank Turner

Tomorrow, Dave and I fly to Prague, via Paris, for our “Holy shit! We just made a cookbook” holiday celebration. I mean, why not go on vacation smack in the middle of cookbook production?! Tonight, one of my favorite musicians is playing at Emo’s here in Austin. His name is Frank Turner, and if you haven’t heard his music yet, you need to get on that immediately. For your viewing... read more

That Workout? What A Jerk!

Oh, man! I remember the raw power of being in third grade and calling someone a jerk on the playground at recess (in response to them trying to rip the centerfold of Shaun Cassidy in the new issue of Tiger Beat!). “Jerk” was the most insulting insult I could muster up, and the hard K at the end just kinda hung in the air. I’m thinking of bringing jerk back to my vocabulary. It’s so... read more

Mike Ness – In The House

Damn it! Mike Ness was in my freakin’ neighborhood this weekend, and where was I? In my pajamas, writing Well Fed at my dining table with Smudge. How is it possible that my spidey-sense did not tingle and alert me that he was in the vicinity?! Anyway. Here’s Mike, browsing a badass antique store in Austin that’s, seriously, five minutes from my house. I’ve seen Social D live about... read more

What’s That In Danzigs?

Have you ever wondered how to convert various quantities into Danzigs? Wonder no more. This little calculator has the answer to the burning question: What’s That In Danzigs? Next time you run a 400m lap to warm up for your CrossFit workout, you can think of it as 250 Danzigs instead. That 1-liter bottle of water you guzzle afterward? THAT’S NOT EVEN ONE DANZIG. And if you’re wondering... read more

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