Hot Spinach – Cool Dressing – Awesome Snack

+ + + The SituationIt’s Sunday afternoon. I need a snack. And if I do it right, the damn thing will be made of vegetables, preferably something leafy and green. (See Moxy-Boss and Dallas?! I’m listening.) I look in the fridge which is, mercifully, packed with vegetables and other dino-chow goodies because I visited the grocery store twice today. Sigh. What I grabbed• a defrosted bag of... read more

Eat Your Vegetables: Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

I was the official rice maker in my family, and I perfected a water-measuring technique that involved placing my thumb against the bottom of the pan, just like my Sitti (“grandmother” in Arabic) taught my mom. I took great pride in my fluffy rice, and it was with a heavy heart that I banished my favorite grain from my diet when I started eating paleo. Then I learned the cauliflower trick, and my pilaf... read more

Eat Your Vegetables: Eggplant

Today is all about Baba O’Riley, Baba Ganoush, and Bootcamp. First, give this a listen. Five glorious minutes of rock & roll awesomeness in the form of “Baba O’Riley” from The Who. I mean, the opening organ alone… fantastic! Then: the outfits, Pete’s aggressive tambourine playing, and… wait for it… Roger starts singing. Dude! Plus, the gratuitous... read more

Mmmmm… Brain Food

I’ve been trying to increase my fish consumption: omega-3, high protein, brain food, delicious – what’s not to love about that? Dave’s allergic, so we never eat our fin-friends together. But I pack my lunch every day. Bingo! I’ve been kind of lazy about it… eating salmon burgers or shrimp sauteed with vegetables and then drizzling with either tahini sauce or olive oil +... read more

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