Now Is Not The Time

Today, I want to talk about hormone poisoning. No, not my broke-ass thyroid induced “sometimes I’m energetic, sometimes I’m sleepy” thing. We’re tackling the once a month, “maybe it will be a meltdown, maybe it will be OK” thing. Buckle up! hormone poisoning: the monthly moodiness, food cravings, and motivational slump caused by girly hormones (or the annoying lack... read more

Riding The Wave

Confession time. This morning, I did the thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I looked at the WOD as a way to decide if I was going to go to CrossFit Austin today. That is a big no-no. Sure, the end result was good. I went because I wanted to do a “waveload” of cleans – but the commitment to my workout is supposed to be made when I go to sleep at night, not in the morning, based on... read more

(Un)Lucky 7s

Fun Fact: I like odd numbers more than even numbers, and my favorite odd number is 7. Dave and I were married on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7!), and a 7 on the comeout roll of a craps game is very lucky indeed. I should have enjoyed a lucky streak in today’s WOD! It’s so symmetrical and so filled with odd numbers: 7 rounds, 3 exercises, 7 reps. WOD 7 rounds: 200m row 7 burpees 200m run 7 wall ball,... read more

Estrogen And Performance

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less content with the idea of thinking “that’s just how I am” and more curious about why I do and think and feel the things I do. In particular, trying to understand the many hormonal changes I go through during each month (a.k.a., hormone poisoning ) is endlessly fascinating. A few years ago, I read a book called 28 Days: What Your Cycle... read more

Take THAT, Hormone Poisoning

Gentlemen: If you’re squeamish, you might want to avert your eyes. I’m going to share some girly details with my lady friends. You’re welcome to stick around ’cause I’m going to talk about lifting heavy stuff, too. So, yeah. Hormone poisoning. I’ve talked about the joys of being a girl before: the dropsies, the emotional outbursts, the sleeplessness, the excruciating... read more

A Day On Which Our Heroine Gets a PR And, Separately, Unintentionally, Cheats Herself

Hormone poisoning (HP) has begun, and it’s got me feeling all moody and Jane Eyre-y. Although the moodiness hasn’t taken an evil form yet, forewarned is forearmed – rage, tears, laughter, and some frightening combination off all three are probably nigh. (See? “Nigh.” I also considered “afoot.”) Despite the HP, I was super excited about the workout today. Tristy’s... read more

A PMS-Powered PR?!

Oh! Being a girl is so… interesting. Seriously. Trying to understand my brain and my body is like a daily science experiment. Especially when it’s hormone poisoning time. [photo] Sometimes, hormone poisoning comes on like a firestorm. Doors are slammed. Harsh words are spoken. Nasty thoughts are considered. And all the while – as plates make aggressive contact with countertops and... read more

Sometimes I Get Dropsy

It’s often obvious when hormone-poisoning is about to strike. I start bashing my elbows into the TV stand and walking into doorways. (True story: I’ve walked into the door frame. With my face. More than once.) I also start dropping things like they’ve been greased up with coconut oil. Knives, books, plates, my toothbrush, the rubberband I’m trying to wrap around my braid… they... read more

Emergency Cucumber Salad

The situation: I need a veggie-based snack. I’m not in the mood for a lot of chopping. It might be a particular time of the month, and I want something that tastes and feels like comfort food. I might also really, really, REALLY be craving salty snacks (like, if I was still the old me, I’d be snarfing a giant bowl of buttered, salted popcorn RIGHT. NOW.). The solution: + + What I did: I... read more

Sesame-Garlic Nori Chips

Sometimes I want to chow down like a teenager: just lie in front of the TV watching something craptastic, and snarf a crispy, salty snack. But my ever-present adult voice knows that no amount of salty goodness will ever recreate that fleeting combination of utter lack of responsibility and complete, open possibility. Doesn’t mean I won’t try, though. One could argue, I suppose, that I should be... read more

Yay, Estrogen!

Oooh, baby! I’m firing on all cylinders today. Sorry if I freaked y’all out this week with my gloom-and-doom blog posts. I don’t want to be givin’ you TMI, but suffice it to say my girly hormones have been WHACK. Thank you so much to y’all that sent me supportive emails this week. Your kind words helped a lot. And this morning — like magic — I woke up feeling like... read more

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