It’s Gold And Pink And I Got A Feather

Things are getting pretty freakin’ groovy around my house, and you know what?! I kinda love it. I have no problem holding two diametrically-opposed views at exactly the same time, so while I’m mentally mocking the notion of “connecting to the divine” and “sitting like the Buddha,” I am also simultaneously falling in love with and totally digging on those ideas. And ocean... read more

A Walk In The Park

Today marks the ends of my first week of replacing my morning WOD with a walk around my neighborhood. (If you’re wondering why I’m walking instead of WODing, read this post on “The Healing Experiment.”) It’s too soon to notice a significant difference in how I feel, but I have stopped pouting, so that’s a big step in the right direction. Here are a few observations and... read more

A Healing Experiment

Last January, I bared my soul and my body in what I hoped would be “before” photos. My plan was to live as the best version of myself to evolve to my ideal body composition without making myself nuts. I banished the idea of “goals” and “rules” and decided to just live my life. That didn’t mean I tossed my good habits out the window. In fact, the no-pressure... read more

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