Tarragon Turkey Salad

Confession: On Friday, when I fully expected to be eating Thanksgiving, Part Deux: The Reckoning, I instead awoke from a nap with a craving. Dave jumped into action hero mode and in less than 30 minutes, I was eating a double cheeseburger (no bun) from P. Terry’s with a side of fries that I sprinkled with truffle salt. Yeah. I did that. So I’m a little behind with my thoughts on what to do with... read more

Beef Stew Provençal

Here in Austin, the weather is not very holiday-ish. It’s cold and raining and so gray as to be what I like to call gloomyGus. (That’s how I see it in my head. One word; intercap.) The bone-chilling damp makes me wish that I would walk in the house and find a warm fire with a bowl of steaming stew on a small table next to a squishy chair… like when poor Jane Eyre finally arrives at... read more

Presto… Pesto

When you think of pesto, you probably envision the traditional pesto alla genovese: mashed basil leaves with tons of olive oil, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese… which probably means you’re not eating much of it these days, what with dairy being fooda non grata (yes, I made that up!) on our dino-chow menus. I’ve got good news: There are lots of tasty ways to make pesto varieties that... read more