Have You Met My Hormones?

I can barely talk, I’m biting my tongue SO hard to keep from complaining. Good thing I can still type! I was enjoying about a week of normal energy levels, appetite, and joie de vivre. But yesterday, when my female hormone cycle took a left turn, the thyroid hormone bus careened to Mehsville – and promptly broke down just shy of the depot. I spent all day yesterday in my pajamas, fighting to keep... read more

I Am a Science Experiment

I’m trying to look at my current thyroid predicament as a science experiment. Eventually – say within the next three to six months – it will be figured out, and until then, I’m trying to dispassionately observe my habits and how I feel. Subject reported fatigue over the weekend despite sleeping 10 hours concurrently on both Friday and Saturday night. Subject reports no change in energy... read more

Goodbye, Coffee – Hello, Chamomile

Based on the very helpful suggestion of one of my readers, I read the book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal? over the weekend. It gave me a lot of confidence going into my endocrinology appointment that I’ve done all I can with my lifestyle to support my Frankenneck. The advice in the book was clear: maintaining stable blood sugar levels is really important and one of... read more

I’m Not Crazy And I Like (Scaled) Muscle-Ups: A Story in Two Parts

Part One: I’m Not Crazy I was seriously beginning to doubt my sanity. OK, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but I was Concerned, was wondering if I’d somehow lost my mental mojo, my trademark stubbornness, that internal core that helps me never cheat, never quit. Since the beginning of the year, my energy level has been, for lack of a more technical term, “whack” – and my... read more

Sometimes I Get Dropsy

It’s often obvious when hormone-poisoning is about to strike. I start bashing my elbows into the TV stand and walking into doorways. (True story: I’ve walked into the door frame. With my face. More than once.) I also start dropping things like they’ve been greased up with coconut oil. Knives, books, plates, my toothbrush, the rubberband I’m trying to wrap around my braid… they... read more

My Half Thyroid: On the Fritz

Wouldn’tcha know it?! About two weeks ago, I wished my Frankenneck a happy birthday, and yesterday I got a call from the doctor. My thyroid is on the fritz, and I need to take Synthroid(synthetic thyroid hormones) for two months, when I’ll be tested again. That’s a fine how-do-you-do. I had a mini meltdown on the phone with the nurse because she couldn’t answer any of my questions.... read more

Happy Birthday, Half Thyroid!

It was exactly a year ago today that I had the surgery on my thyroid to remove a nodule that could have been cancer. Now that I’ve got a year between me and the Frankenneck, I can tell you: during those few weeks last November I was more scared for myself than I’d ever been. About 10% of the adult population has thyroid nodules, a lump that grows on an otherwise normal thyroid. My thyroid... read more

B is for….

Brrrrrr. And Bootcamp. And blueberries. BrrrrAccording to the radio report I listened to in my car with the heater blasting and the seat warmer on, it was 33 degrees F this morning. Icy toes, icy nose. BootcampNot sure if we’re the toughest, the most stubborn, or both, but it was just Maggie, Crystal, and I at Bootcamp this morning. We went to the running track at Austin High School to shake up the... read more

My Frankenneck is Swollen

Ew. I may have overdone it just a little bit yesterday. The Frankenneck is sore and puffy today. Maybe the dumbbell swings and med ball cleans were a little too much. But it felt so good! Ooops. read more

Back at Bootcamp

OK… whew. I’m over the hurdle of “First. Bootcamp. Back.” And it felt great! My Frankenneck stayed glued shut and everything! Our workout Max rounds, 15 minutes 9 med ball cleans 12 dumbbell swings, 20 lbs. 15 deadlifts, 20 lbs. 20 supermans sprint I finished 5 rounds, just under the wire. And while I would never brag myself (ahem), Annie said, “Way to have your throat slit... read more

Giving Fear a Workout

Fear and I have been inseparable companions since my doctor recommended I have an ultrasound of my thyroid on November 6. That’s 24 days and nights of worrying. I know that one of things that Dave likes about me — and, frankly, that I like about myself — is that I usually lead with my chin. I might be a big baby on the inside, but I pretend to be brave and act accordingly and most of the... read more

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