This Just Happened.

The scene:Lunchtime at the office. The characters:MeA dude from another department that I don’t particularly like The action:I’m sitting with a book in one hand (Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child) and a fork in the other, eating a leftover lamb shanks (good, not great, so I’m not sharing the recipe yet) on a bed of kale and spaghetti squash. Across the room, the Dude is assembling a peanut... read more

Is It All In The (Arm)Pits?

Oh, friends. I’m firmly entrenched in cranky town this morning. My complains, in no particular order: I slept lousy. My boobs are too big. My tummy is too flabby. My thighs look big in these pants. It’s wicked humid which makes my hair frizzy. My busted, broke-ass, good-for-nothing thyroid is making my fingers and eyes puffy. I had no snatch this morning. No speed. No extension. No landing. No... read more

16 Packs Of Poison

Nice video from New York City Health Department. I love that they’re making the connection between sugar and heart disease. If only they’d left out the reference to milk! read more

Alarm Clock Support Group

Hello… my name is Melissa, and I’m alarm clock challenged. I’ve told you about my alarm clock issues before. Yesterday, I thought I’d found a solution; I bought a new alarm clock. The buttons on my old clock needed to be pressed three times to advance one minute, and Dave’s fancy, reliable clock was retired because of its constantly-lit face (verboten in our cave-like bedroom... read more

The Pleasure of Eating

This link will take you to a powerful essay  by Kentucky author Wendell Berry. He seems to be a throw-back… described by wikipedia as a “man of letters,” which I take to mean intelligent, thoughtful, and well-spoken – characteristics valued less and less in this tweetable, Facebook era. Anyway. Here are some of my favorite bits from the essay. It’s beautifully written and... read more

Best Use Of French Fries

read more

Cat Flag = Awesome

kickass image by Art Yucko Love it! [Don’t understand why I think this is awesome? Look here and here and... read more

The Magic/Myth of Before & After

This video about before/after photos isn’t really surprising – we all know that photos are manipulated for magazine covers, articles, and ads. But it still kinda stopped me in my tracks. I stopped using magazine photos as a yardstick for my success about 12 years ago when I saw a documentary that explained how a photo of Gabrielle Reece was modified for a Shape cover. Gabrielle Reece. She of the... read more

The Next Big Trend

So… let me get this straight… vegetables have fallen so far out of fashion with most people that they’re now making a big comeback?! Guess that means all of us dino-chowers are trend-setters. Cabbage. It’s the new... read more

My Heart Is Broken

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Victoria’s Secret… the boots are off the web site but they had a pair in my size. I’ll have them by next Wednesday. I am broken-hearted no more! So… these boots. These PERFECT F*CKING BOOTS, were going to be my prize for hanging tough on my Whole30. I just went to the Victoria’s Secret site, enticed by a 20% off sale that ends Monday. I... read more

Right On, Henry!

[Thanks to CrossFit Praha for sharing this... read more

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