Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook

I’m a proud member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and we’ve got a new cookbook coming your way. Available in April, The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook is packed with recipes from Austin’s most vocal food lovers. The project was spearheaded by Addie Broyles, a.k.a., the dynamo. She’s a founder of the AFBA, the food writer for the Austin-American Statesman, and one of... read more

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest

Lest you think I’m some kind of kitchen wizard, I thought I’d share a tale of a colossal failure that took place in my oven today… Once upon a time… … there was a college student who fell in love with the cookbook The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. This girl wasn’t a vegetarian, but she didn’t discriminate: she adored almost all food, imaginative recipes, and charming... read more

Tuesday 10: Paleo Gifts From The Kitchen

Way back in the day, when we lived on a houseboat in Sausalito, I had more time than money, so I made gifts from my kitchen from this Williams-Sonoma book. I made Spiced Nuts and Fancy Olives and buttery shortbread and pine nut brittle and chewy caramels. I wrapped everything in clear cellophane and tied it with curly ribbon. I stamped brown paper lunch bags with silver snowflakes and stuffed them full of... read more

Is A Phone The Best New Kitchen Tool?

Me, circa 2009, when I got my first iPhone: I don’t see what the big deal is. Seriously. Everyone is losing their minds over the iPhone; it’s just a freakin’ phone. I don’t even like talking on the phone, so whatever. Fast forward to, um, yesterday… I used my phone as my camera, my running coach, my partner in word games (OMG: Spelltower!), my meditation timer, a reminder to... read more

Whole Foods Class: A Story In Photos

On October 10, one of my foodie dreams came true: I taught a cooking class! At the Whole Foods Culinary Center, no less. You know I have an overactive imagination, so in my mind, I was Julia Child incarnate. I was the star of my own TV show. I was the anti-Rachel Ray. I was the punk rock Martha Stewart. In actuality, it was the attendees who were the stars. They asked great questions during the Paleo 101... read more

Herbs vs. Spices

How much do I love spices? I own a board game called Spices of the World, have a well-thumbed copy of The Complete Book of Spices on my cookbook shelf, and it’s widely known that cumin is my all-time favorite spice. But this month, I’m abstaining from my lovely, aromatic friends while I give the autoimmune protocol (AIP) a shot. I don’t think I have an underlying sensitivity to spices... read more

Tuesday 10: My Favorite Cookbooks

One of the questions I’m asked fairly often is where I find inspiration for my recipes. Mostly, I let my appetite and my imagination take the lead: reading Jane Eyre makes me hungry for lamb stews and The Historian makes me crave Turkish food. Daydreaming about Prague inspired Czech Meatballs, and a particularly large bunch of collard greens were the catalyst for a new greens recipe. And then... read more

Tuesday 10: My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Here’s an insider secret for you: I don’t have a fancy, pro-level kitchen. Our cute little house was originally intended to be a rental property, so the applicances are bottom-of-the-line. Both our gas stove/oven and refrigerator successfully fulfill their functions — making things hot and keeping them cool, as required — but they would not appear in anyone’s dream kitchen. Add to... read more

Healthy Lunchbox 2012

The song “Love is in the Air” is going through my head as “Lunch is in the air…” which is not the same thing at all. But lunch does seem to be in the air — summer’s over, kids are back in school, and it’s time to start the march toward the holidays which takes me through my very favorite time of year: the fresh start of fall. YAY! (And how much am I dating myself... read more

Mayo How-To Video

I’ll  be updating my original mayo post soon with this video and some helpful tips I’ve gathered from the 296 (!) comments on that post. Until then, feast your eyes on our first how-to video! Big love to Dave for planning the shot list and shooting the video, being a supportive director, writing the theme music, and doing all of the editing — and hugs of thanks to Jude of SmartSexyPaleo for... read more

Tuesday 10: Paleo Burger Toppers

Oh, the bunless burger! It’s the safe refuge of the paleo eater in a non-paleo world. From low-rent burger joints to higher-end restaurants, you can almost always find a variation of meat-and-veg in the shape of a burger without a bun. A humble meat patty can save you from a meal-related meltdown at home, too. I almost always have a pound of grass-fed ground beef defrosting or already defrosted in... read more

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