Tune In: I’m Doing a Radio Interview

Man! I love a good talker – someone who speaks with passion, challenges standard viewpoints, and makes me think. So I’m pretty excited to be interviewed by Katherine Albrecht tomorrow on her radio show “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show.” Katherine is pretty much a badass. She’s published six books, appeared in more than 2000 news stories across all media, and among other... read more

More Fave People And Blogs

Fave People: YOU, Part 2 It’s been almost three weeks since Well Fed was officially released, and I’m delighted thrilled touched overwhelmed by how awesome all of you have been. Thank you for buying the book and cooking from it — then being so awesomely cool enough to take the time to write and let me know you’re enjoying it. That is the very best experience a writer can have, and... read more

Whole30 and Well Fed

Did you see the awesome announcement? Whole9 is sponsoring another new year’s Whole30 that starts on January 1. To help everyone kick it off right, they’ve compiled a list of tremendously helpful resources — and Well Fed is included in their list. If you’re still thinking about trying a Whole30, I want you to commit. So in the spirit of getting you on board…   5 Reasons You... read more

A Chat With Stumptuous

Do you know You really should! It’s the online home of Krista Scott-Dixon. She’s our kinda girl thanks to her first-rate information about commitment to real food, smart training, the power of women — all delivered with a healthy dose of no-nonsense spunk and a sense of humor. Last week, we had a leisurely chat about Well Fed, along with a bunch of other stuff, including what... read more

Some of My Fave People & Blogs

Fave People: YOU Wow, you guys. Seriously. Just wow! I knew I had the coolest, smartest, most supportive blog readers around, but I’m seriously humbled and delighted by the positive response you’ve given Well Fed. Thank you so much for being part of our big adventure. Because of you, in our first week of sales, we’ve placed almost 1000 copies of Well Fed into kitchens all over the world.... read more

Well Fed – Now on Sale!

It’s ready! Our cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is now on sale! YAY! (Help yourself to a free 30-page PDF sampler!) Here are a few stats about the cookbook and its production to whet your appetite… 115+ original recipes and variations 175 beautifully hand-crafted pages 23 photo shoots during summer 2010 2310 total photos taken 21 weekly... read more

Well Fed Update

Friday was a pretty huge day around our house! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that our proof copy of Well Fed arrived from CreateSpace. We experienced a few white-knuckle moments as we flipped through the pages of Well Fed for the first time, but our anxiety was for naught: the book looks great, you guys! Here’s the pic I posted on Twitter, just a few minutes after we tore open the... read more

Well Fed, Our Way

For the first half of my life, I was a pleaser. I really, really needed everyone to like me – even if (especially if?) I didn’t like them. Then I hit my late 20s/30s, started training hard and eating right, joined the Roller Derby, got a few tattoos, and finally went through a teenage rebellious phase that I suspect will last the rest of my life. Which is why, despite the fact that it might have... read more

We’re A Paleo Power Couple

Julie and Charles, the masterminds behind the cookbook Paleo Comfort Foods, are themselves a Paleo Power Couple. See? Today, they’ve named Dave and I a Paleo Power Couple, too. Pretty cool. right?! Maybe our superhero powers are finally kicking in! Stop by the Paleo Comfort Foods blog and read our interview for insider secrets like Dave’s favorite Well Fed recipe and my hard-to-resist treat... read more

Welcome, Austin360 & Statesman Readers

If you’re here, that means you must have liked Addie Broyle’s awesome article on paleo in the Austin American-Statesman. Maybe you’re hungry for more paleo recipes. I’m glad you stopped by! And I hope you’ve been inspired to at least consider the notion of trying the paleo way of eating. It will change your life for the better and in ways you can’t predict. Let me show... read more

The Well Fed Cover

About a month ago, I announced the title of my upcoming cookbook… Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat I also shared some photos. Let’s take a look at them again, just for fun. (Click the images if you’re hungry for the expanded view.) In case you’re just joining our party… my upcoming cookbook Well Fed is packed with recipes for food you can eat... read more

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