My Czech Interview

Remember when Dave and I went to Prague in November for the release of the Czech version of Well Fed — a.k.a., Dobře živeni? The book has been selling very well in the Czech Republic — it even made this Top 5 list on one of the most popular sites in the Czech Republic. (It Starts With Food is on the list, too. How cool is that?!) While I was in Prague, I was interviewed by an journalist from the... read more

Well Fed 2 Preview Extravaganza

Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat  is going to be on bookshelves in less than three weeks, people! YAY! I’m expecting to get my first box of books today or tomorrow, and I can’t wait to flip through the real thing. I’ve been cooking from the proof copy the printer sent us a few weeks ago, but that’s not nearly the same as the real deal. I’m also going... read more

Book Signing In Philadelphia

I’m excited to announce that CrossFit Center City in Philadelphia has invited me to do a signing of Well Fed at their awesome box. Come out and play with us! We’ve got some really fun stuff planned. First, I’m doing a reading but fear not! I won’t be dramatically reciting recipe ingredients and instructions. Instead, I’ll be sharing and embellishing on the stories in the... read more

Well Fed News

It’s been 213 days since Well Fed was born, and 146 since I fled the corporate overlords’ lair. So much has been happening! We won some awards. We were pretty excited to learn that at the San Francisco Book Festival in May, we won the cookbook category! You can read the whole list of winners here. The prize is recognition and, hopefully, some media exposure, but I’m holding out hope a... read more

Well Fed — Now on Kindle

Before we jump into the  good news, admit it: You are totally jealous of my mad Photoshop skillz. I mean, look at that totally awesome low-rent graphic up there. You guys, it might be time for me to suck it up and actually learn how to use Photoshop properly. A class, a book, a tutor… something. I am so bad at it. So. Bad. sigh… But on to the good news! Well Fed is now available on the... read more

Donation to Common Threads (Plus Giveaway)

Well done, friends! When Dave and I cooked up the idea of Well Fed, we decided that we wanted to donate $1 for every PDF sold to an organization that teaches kids about healthy food. As usual, when I asked you, my fabulous readers, for suggestions, you totally came through with great ideas. We ultimately chose Common Threads because their mission does for kids what we hoped to do for adults with Well Fed:... read more

Stupid Easy Paleo

Stephanie McCormack is the cutie-face and smarty-pants behind the site Stupid Easy Paleo. She is just back from a four-month hiatus, and she’s been posting some really badass stuff lately. Be sure to visit her site for her take on the question Do I Have To Eat Grassfed Meat? and to take a peek inside her fridge — then definitely browse her archives for some tasty recipes (like this one for meatball... read more

Monday News

It’s Dave’s birthday today and we’re enjoying a tiny bit of quiet before the onslaught of PaleoFx and SXSW here in Austin. I’ll be tweeting and blogging about what’s happening here at PaleoFX, so make sure you follow me on Twitter for gossipy updates, fashion reports, and paleo celeb sightings. Paleo FX Panel and Cooking Demos PaleoFX is a conference that’s bringing... read more

Hooray, Congratulations, and Welcome!

Hooray and Thank You! I’m delighted that The Clothes Make The Girl was named “Best Healthy Cooking Blog” in‘s 2012 Homies awards. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me! I appreciate the support, and I love that the diet we know is healthy now carries a somewhat official title. Congratulations! You know what makes this even sweeter? My sister-foodie Nom Nom... read more

I’m a Finalist! Vote in the Homies!

Eleventy-million thank yous for your enthusiastic voting in the nomination phase of The 2012 Homies. You did a brilliant job of pushing me to the top of the nominations list; nicely done, friends! I’m delighted that both Nom Nom Paleo and I were nominated (and dominated) in our categories. is a very successful, mainstream site, so seeing paleo kick so much ass among the... read more

Errata Sheet, Or Oops! I Made a Few Typos

This may make me sound kinda dumb, but until December 10 when Dave said the fateful words, I’d never heard the term “errata sheet.” I was holding a proof copy of Well Fed in my hands. We’d already enjoyed the joyous flip through its pages with my parents, and I was up to my elbows in chopped spinach because I was making Meat & Spinach Muffins for our book release party. You... read more

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