I Have A Confession: No Knife Skills

Just as soon as I’m finished typing this, I’m going to do the final test on a cole slaw recipe for Living Paleo For Dummies — and I’m somewhat appalled to admit that I have such sucky knife skills, I decided I needed some remedial help to prep the cabbage. I found this video, which I thought was pretty good — and has a completely mystifying, dorky ending that’s worth checking... read more

I Have A Confession To Make: I Had To Lie Down

In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit the following, which makes me seem not-so nice: There have been times when, after big competitive workout events like Fight Gone Bad or the Spartan 300, I’ve seen various CrossFitters dramatically collapse to the floor, perhaps accommodated by a significant groan or – worse – a loud, look-at-me, triumphant growl. This makes me roll my eyes. And,... read more

I Have a Confession To Make: J.Lo & Three Musketeers

I’ve had two hard workout days in a row, and I’m on a deadline/stress-train at work. I am tired. While fretting and typing and fretting and thinking and fretting and drinking decaf tea, I perked up to an embarrassing degree when “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” materialized on my iTunes. “Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don’t… Think I wanna floss, I got my... read more

I Have A Confession To Make: Chocolate Cake

No, I didn’t eat chocolate cake. But damn it all to hell… I thought about it. Still. Again. Whatever. This is how it goes: I’m sitting at my desk, diligently working. Or surfing. Or writing a blog post. Or whatever… just doing something that’s a variation of “minding my own business and not hurting anybody”… when the mass announcement comes through the... read more

I Have A Confession To Make: I’m Old

That’s the only explanation I have for my inability to comprehend the “star power” of Robert Pattinson, vampire Edward in Twilight and purveyor of greasy hair, hobo stubble, and generally vapid expression. I can’t fathom that THIS is the specimen making little girls’ hearts go pitter-patter these days: On the other hand, I kissed glossy photos of Shaun Cassidy on the... read more

I Have A Confession To Make: Daily Pina Coladas

It’s true! I drank a pina colada every day of my vacation, except for the day I had two! (Blame Blake, she was egging me on.) I enjoyed every frosty sip. But for maybe the first time EVER, Dave and I also did CrossFit workouts and runs and swimming every day of our vacation. We were super active AND super sloth-like; it was... read more

I Have a Confession To Make: New Jeans

Warning: The following is quite boastful, so if you find my vanity offensive, you might want to avert your eyes. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I got two pairs of jeans today — black straight leg and dark denim bootcut. The bootcuts are the same style I bought last summer on my “new jeans shopping spree”… but they’re a size smaller. That means... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: I’m Probably Going to Say No

Y’all, I’ve been having some big fun for the last few weeks: the ZOOMA half marathon, a few after-work happy hours (with cocktails!), a visit with my parents (with unbridled eating), two school-night concerts (Bruce Springsteen and Gavin DeGraw), murder trial jury duty, and a handful of missed workouts to sleep later than usual. In short, I’ve been living the way I perceive... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: I’m Not Food Logging

Last weekend, I decided I was bored with my Weight Watchers 3-month journal and needed a new, inpiring notebook in which to chronicle my daily nutrition. The WW journal is really awesome, but I’ve been using their model for four years and was just not feeling the enthusiasm I used to for filling in the pages. On the up side: My Zone+WW habits are so ingrained, my entries from one day to the next are... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: I Love the Dirty Parking Garage

When it rains, Crystal holds our Bootcamp in a parking garage. I know it sounds weird, but I love those dirty, grimy, gray garage workouts. I love running up and down the parking ramps, sprinting the stairs (two at a time!), getting coated in dust, watching the construction workers watch us with mystified expressions on their faces… it feels like romping around a post-apocalyptic playground. I always... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: Doritos

When Dave and I volunteered for the Austin Marathon last year, I worked at the finish line for a while, handing out water. Then I got moved to the food tent where it was my job to keep the food donated by HEB flowing into the hands of the exuberant but exhausted runners. There were granola bars and bananas and oranges and giant boxes stuffed full of shiny, foil grab bags Cheetos, Fritos, Potato Chips, and... read more

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