Scared of Box Jumps?

You need to watch this fun, sweet, inspiring video from Melissa Urban and CrossFit 603. Big Ups – CrossFit 603, featuring Lu Crenshaw from Melissa Urban on Vimeo. Now… don’tcha feel like you wanna go jump on some stuff?! (And if you are scared of box jumps, you’re not alone. Read all about how box jumps used to be my arch... read more

Now *THAT* Is A Box Jump

CrossFit 603 Disclaimer from Melissa Urban on Vimeo. Um, yeah… I’m still trying to graduate from the 20″ to the 22″ box. At Bootcamp this morning, I ate it on the wall that’s, like, 18″ or 19″.New goal: Dedicate myself to jumping high enough to land on the roof of an APD... read more

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

For your listening pleasure while reading today’s post, Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder performing “The Waiting.” (Do not cheat yourself by skipping the video. Seriously. It’s awesome.) You’d think by now I’d learn: if I can just be patient, eventually things happen the way I want them to: scary things become fun, body fat burns, hopes become reality, answers present... read more

My Box Jump Inspiration

Hey! 24-inch box! I’ve got news for you. I know you sit there — all smug and secure in the backyard — thinking that your surface is safe from the soles of my shoes. But I’m here to tell you, some day soon, I’m gonna jump all over you. Just like this:Love ya — mean... read more

Burpee Box Jumps! OMG!

I’m a big fan of the burpee. I started the 100 burpee challenge last year and made it to day 52 when I decided I’d had enough. During the 52 days in a row that I did the damn things, I went through love, hate, and indifferent phases, but ultimately came down firmly on the side of love (especially after I read the article about how convicts do them in prison to maintain their strength). I also... read more

Gotcha, Box Jumps!

Travel back in time with me to March 2008. It was my third time EVER attending a UTB, and box jumps were on the menu because we were doing a mini Fight Gone Bad. I distinctly remember finishing up the first round of wall ball and moving toward the box jump station. I walked right up to the 20-inch box — which I’d never seen before — and stared at it, slack-jawed. Jeremy materialized at my... read more

2009: The Year of the Pullup

Looks like I’ve got no excuses now. Dave built me my very own pullup bars as a Christmas present. See?Yesterday, my kickass plyo boxes arrived.And my Superband is on its... read more

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