Our Precious Bodies

We had some friends over for dinner a few nights ago, and the conversation meandered to a discussion of if, as conventional wisdom holds, “things get better as you get older.” We chewed on that for a while, and then Dave asked me if I thought my body image has gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I was very happy to tell the group honestly that, yes, it has. There was time when looking... read more

Tuesday 10: Excellent Body Image Posts

Why is thinner better? I’ve been asking myself that question for months, as I struggle with the realization that since I had my thyroid removed in 2008, I’ve gained 17 pounds of fat — despite the fact that I eat very clean paleo 90% of the time, sleep 8-9 hours per night, was devoted to CrossFit and strength training, and recently found the bliss of yoga, meditation, and good, old-fashioned... read more

Size Awesome

And now an excellent reminder for all of... read more

I Love My Body

A few weeks ago, I promised you a post that would get real about where I am with my body image right now. This is that post. As I mentioned on Monday, I’m in a state of confusion about what to do regarding my somewhat uncooperative body. Over the last two years, I’ve slowly gained weight — and during the last two months, it’s accelerated to the point that I’m getting a little... read more

Strong Is Beautiful

I la-la-love this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot for the “Strong is Beautiful” campaign from the Women’s Tennis Association. Yes, the women look gorgeous: glamorous hair, dramatic makeup, body-conscious skirts. They also look TOTALLY BADASS. They’re sweaty – really sweaty, not “glow sweaty” – and moving instead of posed, and they are slamming the hell out of... read more

5 Things My Body Can Do

This is my second in a series of posts inspire by this post at the blog Weightless. The author Margarita has basically issued a call to arms to make five short lists of five positive things about ourselves. Here are the five topics Margarita recommends: Five things you love about yourself (read my list). Five things your body can do Five things for which you’re grateful (read my list) Five things that... read more

Give Yourself A 5-Star Rating

I love this post at Weightless. It’s a call to arms to make five short lists of five positive things about ourselves. Who wouldn’t benefit from a 5-star rating?! Here are the five topics Margarita recommends: Five things you love about yourself. Five things your body can do (read my list) Five things you’re grateful for (read my list) Five things that make you happy you’re alive. (read my... read more

Body Respect Commandments

A few weeks ago, I talked about personal commandments that can help guide us through our day. Today, I’m sharing “body respect commandments” from the blog Weightless. In the book Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works, authors Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch lay out five “commandments” that can help us treat ourselves with loving care. My body deserves to be... read more

Put On Weight – Go For The Gold

American ice dancer Tanight Belbin has added 10 pounds of muscle and curves to her frame since the 2006 Olympics in Turino, Italy – and she’s pretty happy about that. I am, too! From The New York Times: The American ice dancer Tanith Belbin looks at photographs of herself from the 2006 Turin Olympics and wants to hide her eyes. Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto en route to winning the silver medal... read more

Why I Can’t/Won’t/Don’t Read Celebrity Crap Anymore

On November 30, I swore off junk food publications like People, Us Weekly, InTouch, and all the other celebrity gossip rags. I don’t put junk food in my body, and I’m no longer putting junk food in my mind. Instead of filling my head with nonsense that takes up valuable space, I thought I might be able to use all that prime real estate to think my own thoughts, make up stories for my future... read more

Weight Around the World

Who’s Trying to Lose Weight: In half of the countries surveyed, most people have tried to lose weight at least once. Around the world, women are significantly more likely than men to have tried to reduce. For more, visit Global Poll: A Look at Weight Around the... read more

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