Have Recipes, Will Travel

I flew to PA on Thursday to visit my parents. Sadly, my flight did not look like this: But it was uneventful and I managed a 2-hour nap. At the receiving end, my parents – with their hugs and their hot tub, four days of cooking together, no barbells in sight , and a welcome home dinner at Fogo de Chao in Philadelphia. We’ve been cooking up a dino-chow storm (recipes and photos to come next... read more

My Melicious Workout

A few months ago, Bonita invited the members of her workout tribe to submit namesake workouts and today we took on the workout I created from things I like to do. As usual, the resulting workout was harder than I intended when I daydreamed it into existence. This workout is proof that I actually have no idea how far 50m is. Eyeballing the track, we realized the bear crawl should actually be 25m instead.... read more

Quick & Dirty Workout

The CrossFit Central women’s workout for today inspired me to do a solo performance in my backyard. By the end of the burpees, I looked like a giant bee: bright yellow pollen was streaked all over my black workout clothes. Bzzzzzzzz! Warmup:4X length of the driveway: farmer’s walk w/ 2 kettlebells = 75#400m run4X length of the driveway: farmer’s walk CrossFit Women WOD2 rounds:40 DB push... read more

Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’… For Burpees

Yes, back in the day, I played Laurie in “Oklahoma” and had the dubious honor of opening the show with an a cappella “Oh, what a beautiful morning… oh, what a beautiful day…“ I was thinking of that song this morning while Dave and I huffed/puffed our way through a bunch o’ burpees at the park where, you might recall, one lap equals 490 meters. Our workout:2 laps +... read more

We Heart Burpees: A Valentine Workout

It’s truer in CrossFit than anywhere else: Misery loves company. So grab your favorite workout partner for a special Valentine’s Day throw-down. You can thank Dave for this; as always, he helped me cook up this scheme. We Heart Burpees: A Valentine Workout Warmup, easy pace3 rounds:10 squats10 pushups10 rotations 25m:high kneesbutt kickspunter kicksside shuffleskip forwardskip backwardslunge... read more

Hangin’ At The Track

Even though it’s old news now, I wanted to share the workout Dave and I did on Saturday because it was 1) fun;  2) difficult enough to be interesting; and 3) a good one to do with friends that may not be CrossFitters yet or when you don’t have equipment within arms’ reach. Warmup, easy pace3 rounds:10 squats10 kettlebell swings (replace with pushups if no kettlebell)10... read more

Workout Envy

Illustration from Steve Mack’s Spot Illustration Do you ever read other CrossFitters’ accounts of their workouts and feel the itch to try a particular WOD yourself? That’s how I felt this week, reading about Erika’s and Barbara’s exploits. This workout got a hold of my imagination, and I really, really needed to try it: Saturday WOD:100m walking lunges50 situps100m walking... read more

2010, Officially Kicked Off

Eleven of us descended on Gillis Park this morning, temps in the low 30s, sun shining brilliantly. Thank you, Tabata Warriors, for coming out to play with us! I threw some of my arch nemeses into the hopper for the 2010: A Tabata Odyssey workout (see: thrusters, jump squats, sprawls, etc.), but fate smiled on me. My first draw was thrusters, but the other three were pretty good. I ended up with... read more

Cookie PR?! And Back to Green Things

On October 25, Dave and I did a Moxy-Boss designed workout we called “Sunday Sprints:” WOD 1:4 rounds10 kettlebell throws10 broad jumpsrun around the park (490m) WOD 2:Walk one lap around the park with the kettlebell overhead Back in October, my times looked like this:WOD 1 – 20:35WOD 2 – 10:10 I was stunned at the time that the overhead carry took so long! And honestly, the whole... read more

And A Deadhang Pullup, No Band

Dave and I did The 12 Days of CrossFit Christmas workout this morning. A few observations: 1. Silly headgear and socks make any workout more fun. 2. Burpee box jumps are awesome. 3. Handstand pushups are not. 4. Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Rocks is a fine soundtrack for a holiday WOD. 5. I wish Santa could bring me a kipping pullup or, at the very least, new workout pants because these are... read more

12 Days of CrossFit Christmas

Last week, I spent an entire day listening to Christmas music at work. I’m officially in the spirit! I lean more toward Brian Setzer Orchestra or the wackadoodle covers of WHAM’s “Last Christmas” than traditional carols, but I’ve always found “The Twelve Days of Christmas” hard to resist: Lords a-leaping! Ladies dancing! Maids a-milking (sounds naughty)! And those... read more

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