Today’s Gratitude List

October was a rough month, personally and professionally. I saw my recipes reprinted without my permission or attribution on other web sites… I wasn’t eating cumin or eggs or nightshades or many other delicious things… I had a head cold for about 10 days… a total stranger described me as “rather chubby” in the comments of my video on the Hilah Cooking YouTube... read more

Ira Glass on Being Creative

This video is applicable to anyone trying to do anything new. Great. Special. Unusual. Whether it’s re-shaping your body, re-forming your relationship with food, conquering a pullup, writing a cookbook (ahem), starting a blog, trying a sport, taking a photo, drawing a picture, repairing a relationship… there’s wonderful advice contained within. Headline: Do the work and keep going. Just... read more

Food FantasyLand

These photos seem to be showing up all over the place today, but I found them at the art blog My Modern Met. Brought to life by Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli, the photos in his project “Disparity” create a whimsical playland in which food takes on epic proportions – and each photo tells a story on a tiny-but-impactful human scale. Boffoli explained the motivation behind this... read more

Learning To Sail

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”– Louisa May Alcott Alcott is best  known for her semi-autobiographical novel Little Women. Raised in New England in the 1830s, she was a tomboy: “No boy could be my friend till I had beaten him in a race,” she claimed, “and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences …” Her family was... read more

A Valentine To Kale

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, an adorable ode to everyone’s favorite superfood. (Click it to see it nice and big.) Writer/illustrator Anne Emond offers this and other funny adorableness on her comics blog and her personal site. Should you find yourself with a bunch of kale, consider the following recipes – presented with love from me to you – to move your kale from the fridge to your... read more

Art + Anatomy

I only recently discovered this blog, and I’m loving it. Called Street Anatomy, the blog “obsessively covers the use of human anatomy in medicine, art, and design.” Here are a few of my favorite images so far…   And finally, how great are these salt & pepper shakers?! (Buy ’em here.) Perfect for any dino-chow... read more

Cat Flag = Awesome

kickass image by Art Yucko Love it! [Don’t understand why I think this is awesome? Look here and here and... read more

Stunning Photographs

Welcome to your Monday! I’m off doing the corporate overlords’ bidding in an all-day client meeting. Lucky for you, Smashing Magazine published a “Showcase of Beautiful Photography” that should prove to be a lovely distraction for you ’til I’m back in the saddle tomorrow. Here are two of my favorites from the post… This one is called Dreaming, and it’s by... read more

Fancy-Pants Box Jumpin’

Big thanks for my old pal Lydia for sharing this with me today! Don’t miss the series of box jumps around :32 – and jumping/dancing on top of the piano! I wanna do that! Make sure you stick around for the box jump + split ending! The Nicholas Brothers – Fayard and Harold – were the featured act at the Cotton Club in Harlem in 1932, when Harold was 11 and Fayard was 18. They were the only... read more

They Draw and Cook

Palt by Daniel Janssen It’s impossible to not be completely charmed by this site: They Draw and Cook. The blog is a collection of illustrated recipes from various artist/cooks – and I love the affection for cooking and drawing that comes through in the artists’ contributions. It’s also really nice to see so many different styles in one place. I am terrible, TERRIBLE at drawing. My best... read more

The Beauty of "Dumb Blind Luck"

I really liked the story of this photo. You might,... read more

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