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Vampire-Fighting, Paleo Style

I recently re-read the Elizabeth Kostova’s book The Historian. I am freaked out by how much I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s an old-fashioned, can’t-turn-the-pages-fast-enough swashbuckler told through letters, diary entries, postcards, and reminiscences. It combines history, romance, adventure, and an abiding love of books – and there are secrets among secrets among secrets. Deliciously... read more

Paleo Rogan Josh

Whenever I mention the Indian dish rogan josh to my friend Stacey, I accidentally call it Josh Rogan, and she says, “Who? What?” because she knows it’s really called rogan josh. Yesterday, we realized I was reversing the names because of Seth Rogen – and then Stacey was confusing him with Josh Groban. They’re nothing alike. See for yourself. Seth Rogen Josh Groban Rogan... read more

Greek Beef Stew

This recipe is adapted from a cookbook How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking by Michael Psilakis and appears in my cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. The foreword of Psilakis’ book compliments the author by saying, “you won’t find a recipe for the old familiar Greek salad” in its pages. I’m a HUGE fan of the old familiar Greek salad:... read more

Beef Stew Provençal

Here in Austin, the weather is not very holiday-ish. It’s cold and raining and so gray as to be what I like to call gloomyGus. (That’s how I see it in my head. One word; intercap.) The bone-chilling damp makes me wish that I would walk in the house and find a warm fire with a bowl of steaming stew on a small table next to a squishy chair… like when poor Jane Eyre finally arrives at... read more

Dinner and a Movie™: Step Brothers and Chicken Coconut Curry

Dave and I, after much painful trial and error, have declared Sundays “socializing-free zones,” which means that except for major occasions – like a friend’s recent wedding – we don’t make plans with other humans on Sundays. It’s our day to sleep late, do laundry, cook for the week, taunt the cat about being a skinny-ass Zombie beast, read books, take a nap, sit in the... read more

EZ Coconut Curry

As y’all can probably tell from my devotion to cumin, I love earthy, warm, spicy-sweet piles of food. I found a recipe for coconut curry at Simply Recipes and adapted it for my glamorous and glitzy dino-chow lifestyle. And now I’m sharing it with you, ’cause I like you. Full disclosure: I totally cheat in the kitchen. I usually have cooked chicken, ground beef, and pork chops ready-to-go... read more

My Favorite Chili Recipe

In sixth-grade English, our class read a story about a Native American tribe in the Southwest. I’ve forgotten all but one fascinating detail of that story: the family ate meat cooked with chocolate. Thanks to my dad’s rule that we must at least try everything once, I ate a lot of weird stuff as a kid — raw lamb in kibbeh, chicken livers, capers — but this was something I simply... read more

South Indian Curry

I’m a sucker for anything leopard print and any recipe that includes coconut, which sort of explains how this recipe came to be. I’m a child of the ‘80s, and Duran Duran remains one of my favorite bands. Their videos for “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Save a Prayer” were shot in Sri Lanka against the backdrop of lush jungles, idyllic beaches with wandering elephants, and a marketplace full... read more

Paleo Bigos (Polish Hunter’s Stew)

In each issue of Paleo Magazine, I share the story of a traditional recipe and adapt it to fit into a healthier paleo lifestyle. This time, we traveled to the verdant forest of 19th century Poland for a stew that sure to warm you on a chilly day. Also known as “Hunter’s Stew,” Bigos is the national dish of Poland, a slow-simmered stew of sauerkraut, bacon, and other game meats. It was... read more

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