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Beef Stew Provençal

Here in Austin, the weather is not very holiday-ish. It’s cold and raining and so gray as to be what I like to call gloomyGus. (That’s how I see it in my head. One word; intercap.) The bone-chilling damp makes me wish that I would walk in the house and find a warm fire with a bowl of steaming stew on a small table next to a squishy chair… like when poor Jane Eyre finally arrives at... read more

Dinner and a Movie™: Step Brothers and Chicken Coconut Curry

Dave and I, after much painful trial and error, have declared Sundays “socializing-free zones,” which means that except for major occasions – like a friend’s recent wedding – we don’t make plans with other humans on Sundays. It’s our day to sleep late, do laundry, cook for the week, taunt the cat about being a skinny-ass Zombie beast, read books, take a nap, sit in the... read more

EZ Coconut Curry

As y’all can probably tell from my devotion to cumin, I love earthy, warm, spicy-sweet piles of food. I found a recipe for coconut curry at Simply Recipes and adapted it for my glamorous and glitzy dino-chow lifestyle. And now I’m sharing it with you, ’cause I like you. Full disclosure: I totally cheat in the kitchen. I usually have cooked chicken, ground beef, and pork chops ready-to-go... read more

My Favorite Chili Recipe

In sixth-grade English, our class read a story about a Native American tribe in the Southwest. I’ve forgotten all but one fascinating detail of that story: the family ate meat cooked with chocolate. Thanks to my dad’s rule that we must at least try everything once, I ate a lot of weird stuff as a kid — raw lamb in kibbeh, chicken livers, capers — but this was something I simply... read more

South Indian Curry

One of my favorite meatless meals used to be South Indian Curried Chickpeas with rice. But since I switched to paleo, it’s been a no-no. No legumes or rice for me! This week, I figured out how to get the taste sensation I love without all those pesky poison-carbs weighing me down. I made the veggie curry sauce below and separately cooked yummy protein sources. When I packed my lunch this week, I... read more

You Can Call Me Svetlana

Wow! I’m not sure that I’ve ever made a dish that had accompanying poetry before! But here’s the literary condiment for the recipe I’m about to share: Bigos is no ordinary dish, For it is aptly framed to meet your wish. Founded upon good cabbage, sliced and sour, Which, as men say, by its own zest and power Melts in one’s mouth, it settles in a pot And its dewy bosom folds a... read more

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