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Spicy Coconut Mayo

A few days ago, the temperature in Vermont rose above zero, then into the teens, then over 20, and it just kept going! It finally landed on a balmy 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Practically bathing suit weather! Which lead me to thinking about the lucky ladies from my gym who are lolling on the beaches of Mexico right now. Sigh. I can’t bring you tropical drinks, gently breaking waves, or sand between... read more

Zingy Ginger Dressing

I know this is going to sounds kind of crazy because who picks A SALAD DRESSING MADE OF VEGETABLES as their favorite recipe?! But… this is (one of) my favorite recipe(s) from Well Fed 2. Every time I make it, I’m, like, “Whoa! This is good.” If you don’t have Well Fed 2, consider this a present so you can try my favorite recipe. If you are a proud owner of Well Fed 2,... read more

Chimichurri, aka Magic Sauce

In case you’ve been unlucky in life so far and are unfamiliar with the intoxicating flavor of chimichurri sauce, let me tell you about it. It originated in Argentina, and I’ll admit, it sounds pretty simple: minced parsley, oregano, and garlic are blended with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and a pinch of red pepper. But some kind of alchemy happens when those simple ingredients are mixed... read more

WF2 Recipe: Lizard Sauce

Once upon a time, we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Costa Rica, thinking it would be a big adventure. For a variety of reasons, it was not a dream vacation. (It wasn’t all bad: there are some fun stories here, here, and here.) There were two major bright spots: I loved the lizards that ran rampant over the landscape, and at every meal, a bottle of Salsa Lizano was on the table. Kind of like Costa... read more

Paleo Ranch Dressing

Today is National Ranch Dressing Day — which probably means nothing to anyone outside the United States and Canada. While ranch dressing has been numero uno in the U.S. since about 1992 — surpassing Italian as our favorite way to disguise raw vegetables — it’s pretty much unknown throughout the rest of the world. International friends, say hello to ranch! The iconic dressing — creamy, tangy,... read more

WF2 Recipe: Kickass Ketchup

As a kid, I never liked ketchup, an opinion that wasn’t helped by the fact that my brother ate a ketchup-and-peanut-butter sandwich once to gross me out. As an adult, I learned I loved it on fried things — french fries, onion rings, fried pickles — but never, ever, ever on meat. Then I started eating paleo and battered-and-fried things went away. Ketchup was forgotten… until I started... read more

Substitute For Soy Sauce & Coconut Aminos

I don’t want to be a big baby or anything, but sometimes I get really tired of the fact that my “special food” — i.e., food that is healthy and real and not poisoned with unpronounceable ingredients — costs twice as much as the crappy, regular version. The target of my ire recently was coconut aminos. Don’t get me wrong: I love coconut aminos for the way they healthily replace... read more

Kickin’ Cranberry Sauce

It’s well known amongst my family and friends that at the Thanksgiving table, I am the champion of constructing the Perfect Bite. You know what I mean, right?! That’s when you spear a piece of bird, add a hunk of (paleo) bread stuffing*, dunk it in the little gravy puddle on your plate, and top it off with a dollop of tart cranberry sauce. Perfect bite! The recipe below is the cranberry sauce... read more

Egg-less Homemade Mayo

My husband Dave and I are on Day 61 of our elimination diet, and he recently learned that he has a mild sensitivity to eggs. [sad trombone]. We can try re-introducing them in a few months, after our guts have healed, but for now, he can’t eat eggs — and I’m boycotting them in solidarity. While Dave is most bummed about breakfast, I was more concerned about the lack of homemade mayo in our... read more

Ćevapčići, Take 2 (My Recipe)

As I mentioned in this post from back in May, I ate a lot (A LOT!) of the skinless Balkan sausages called ćevapčići while we journeyed through Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The ćevapčići were a really tasty way to get a protein infusion to balance the wine, beer, and kremšnita (ahem) that I enjoyed on a regular basis. Throughout our travels, I ate ćevapčići about 8 times, and each... read more

Ajvar (Balkan Red Pepper Relish)

On our travels in May and June, we ate this red pepper+eggplant condiment in almost every restaurant from Lubljana, Slovenia to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Each chef’s version was different, ranging from spicy to sweet and varying the ratio of red pepper to eggplant. All of them were tangy and luxurious. When I got home, I started working on my own version, and I think this one is The Keeper. It combines... read more

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