Tips for Eating Paleo in Restaurants

I’ve been eating Whole30-style paleo since 2009, and somewhere along the way, following the guidelines stopped being a massive pain in the butt and just became how I eat. It’s really comfortable and peaceful for me to eat this way when I cook at home. But ah! There’s the rub. Even I want to occasionally be a social creature who gets out of the kitchen and leaves the house. Who, perhaps, dresses... read more

National Chili Day

[photo] Hey! Thursday, February 26 is National Chili Day! Sure, it’s totally made up, but aren’t most holidays?! And I just can’t find a way to be opposed to celebrating meat, tomatoes, chiles, and spices on the fourth Thursday of every February. It’s like a spicy Thanksgiving or something. A little history… The earliest written description came from J.C. Clopper, who wrote of... read more

Paleo Cincinnati Chili

In honor of National Chili Day on February 26, I’m sharing one of the recipes from Well Fed 2. My husband Dave grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and eating at Skyline Chili was one of our food-bonding experiences, early in our romance about 20 years ago. Cincinnati Chili can be endlessly entertaining. First, there’s the double-entendre involved in ordering your favorite toppings. Do you want a 2-way... read more

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

When we started Smudge Publishing, Dave and I made the commitment to donate some of the proceeds from the sales of our books to organizations that we think are doing great work. With the original Well Fed, we donated to Common Threads, whose mission is to educate children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, and to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking. With... read more

Sugar-Free Pizza Seasoning

Pizza Seasoning from Well Fed This quick spice blend has the robust flavors of pizza takeout, without the painful pizza hangover! Use this blend to whip up a tomato sauce that will everything it touches taste like pizza faster than you can say, “Call Dominoes!” Makes 1/3 cup | Prep 3 min |Whole30 compliant Ingredients: 4 teaspoons dried oregano leaves 4 teaspoons dried basil leaves 4... read more

I Quit The Thing That Defined Me

  My pal Molly thinks she’s a scaredy-cat, but she’s actually bold and daring. On her delightful blog Hey Eleanor, she writes — honestly, eloquently— about her adventures trying things that scare her. It’s pretty brilliant. So far, she’s chopped off her hair, completed a Whole30, gone sky diving, performed a stand-up comedy routine, and shared she has misophonia. (Note... read more

Spice Up Your Life

It’s officially the last call for my “Spice Up Your Life” Quarterly box! There are less than 50 boxes left and you don’t want to miss out on this one! My “Spice Up Your Life” box includes delicious seasonings you might never have tried and a very functional but also playful kitchen tool. I also created seven new recipes just for this Quarterly box. There are... read more

Get To Know Z

Last summer, Dave and I decided to expand our little company, and we were very fortunate that Craig Zielinski, a.k.a., Z, agreed to join us in our (mis)adventures. Z has been helping us behind the scenes, but I’m about to devote myself to two new projects (hint: cookbooks), and Z is going to be a lot more visible on Pinterest and Facebook on my behalf. This should be good news for you because... read more

5 Reasons To Go To PaleoF(x)

I’m loving the snow that’s drifting down on us here in Vermont today, but I’m also starting to look forward to the balmy, sunny weather in Austin, Texas in April — because I’m going to be at PaleoF(x) and I think you should be there, too! 5 Reasons To Go to PaleoF(x) 1. Most of your favorite paleo people are going to be there! I’m teaming up with Stephanie Gaudreau, the... read more

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I composed my first story in first grade. It consisted of one full sentence — I think it was about a little girl catching the bus to school — and a crayon drawing. It was written in scratchy pencil on that oversized yellow paper with green lines that teachers use to demonstrate how to print the alphabet. My dad hung it, framed, in his office at his... read more

My Czech Interview

Remember when Dave and I went to Prague in November for the release of the Czech version of Well Fed — a.k.a., Dobře živeni? The book has been selling very well in the Czech Republic — it even made this Top 5 list on one of the most popular sites in the Czech Republic. (It Starts With Food is on the list, too. How cool is that?!) While I was in Prague, I was interviewed by an journalist from the... read more

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