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Today is the official launch day of a project we’ve been working on since last summer: a magazine version of our Well Fed cookbooks. It’s a “greatest hits” compilation of 130 of my most popular recipes — Chocolate Chili, The Best Chicken Ever, Old School Italian Meat Sauce, Homemade Mayo, Italian Sausage Seasoning — plus basic paleo how-to information and other essays, all... read more

Win a copy of Performance Paleo

Thanks to the generosity of Stephanie Gaudreau, cookbook author and food blogger extraordinaire, I’m giving away a copy of The Performance Paleo Cookbook. (Read my review here.) Win The Performance Paleo Cookbook To enter: Like Stupid Easy Paleo on Facebook (if you don’t already), Like me on Facebook (if you don’t already), and leave a comment on this blog telling us what your biggest paleo... read more

Review: The Performance Paleo Cookbook

This is a really good time for paleo cookbooks! And I’m very happy to announce that The Performance Paleo Cookbook, the eagerly-anticipated recipe collection from Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo, is being released on January 6. I love this cookbook for three reasons: 1. Stephanie’s recipes are easy to make and always taste delicious. They’re also meticulously tested so they work... read more

My Most Popular Recipes of 2014

Browsing through my web stats to see which recipes were most visited in 2014 is like taking a peek at your grocery shopping lists and kitchen cabinets. I love it! There are a few old standbys that are not a surprise at all (Hi, Chocolate Chili and Best Chicken Ever!), but it was fun to see some new ones, too, like Kickass Ketchup, the Soy Sauce/Coconut Aminos Substitute, and both versions of homemade... read more

Reading Day: The Ultimate Staycation

I’m tired. Not the “I stayed up too late last night, so I’m a little droopy” kind of tired. I’m the “please don’t make me put on makeup and get dressed” kind of tired. In the last six months, we moved from Austin, Texas to White River Junction, Vermont; restructured our business; Dave completed a semester of Cartoon School; I launched my Quarterly box; we... read more

The Best Version of Ourselves, 2015

The post below was originally published in 2011, and it’s been updated each year to reflect where I am in my life and the new things I’ve learned in the previous 12 months. For 2015, I remain committed to the philosophy it outlines, and I’m realizing I must stay focused on compassion—for myself and others—in the coming year. I still struggle to slow down, to cut myself some slack, to... read more

Whole30 Resources Roundup

Are you one of the excited people starting a Whole30 on January 1? This page is a collection of links to information that I hope will help make the Whole30 more manageable for you, whether it’s your first or your fourth (or fourteenth). Since 2009, I’ve completed a handful of Whole30 months, usually when I was (a) trying to get a grip on what was happening with my health (see “thyroid... read more

Paleo Gado Gado Recipe

In each issue of Paleo Magazine, I share the story of a traditional recipe and adapt it to fit into a healthier paleo lifestyle. In the article below, I took a deeper look at the Indonesian dish gado-gado, a salad that’s hearty enough to be a meal—and super easy to make. It’s great for filling you with energy during a post-holiday clean-up, and the bonus is that it doesn’t feel... read more

Tuesday 10: More Paleo Gifts From The Kitchen

Way back in the day, when we lived on a houseboat in Sausalito, California, I had way more time than money, so I made gifts from my kitchen from this Williams-Sonoma book. I whipped up Spiced Nuts and Fancy Olives and buttery shortbread and pine nut brittle and chewy caramels. I wrapped everything in clear cellophane and tied it with curly ribbon. I stamped brown paper lunch bags with silver snowflakes... read more

Paleo (Whole30) Gifts From The Kitchen

This is a post Dave and I worked on together last year, and these are all still good ideas! There’s plenty of time before Santa arrives to make handmade gifts for your near and dear. Merry merry, happy happy to you! My favorite part of the holidays is making festive food and joyously eating it with the people I love. And that hasn’t changed since I adopted this dino-chow lifestyle. If... read more

Paleo Holiday Kit Giveaway

You know I’m a big-time “cook everything at home” kind of girl, but there are delicious things — like Organic Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter or Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips — that I cannot make myself. And that’s when I turn to Barefoot Provisions. Barefoot Provisions is like a grocery store where the shelves are only stocked with the highest-quality, most delicious... read more

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