Happy Weekend

This plyo box at the gym seemed shocked at how hard I was kicking ass at my workout today. A good, solid 75 minutes of effort and sweat set me up for a great day and a fun weekend. Tonight, we’re seeing This Is Where I Leave You. And, because it’s starting to get pretty chilly here, we’re off to Farm-Way tomorrow— a store that at least five people told me I must visit for boots, a... read more

The Pats: A Story In Photos

Over the past few NFL seasons, I’ve slowly become a dedicated New England Patriots fan – and that was even before we decided to move to Vermont. This is a huge suprise to everyone, including me. After much consideration, I’ve created a short list of teams I like for a variety of reasons. But let it be known that the Pats are my numero uno. To make my faves list, I can’t perceive that... read more

Giveaway: AMRAP Bars #raisethebar

Over the summer, I got to try super-secret, advance, sneak-peek flavors from AMRAP Nutrition and now – YAY! – the new flavors are available for everyone. They’re awesome to throw into your bag on your way out the door, to fuel your adventures at the gym, or to nosh on when you’re in a hurry at home. These are damn tasty bars, and they’re nutritious, too, with a nice balance of... read more

Perfectly Peelable Hard-Boiled Eggs

I’m on a hard-boiled egg kick. One of my favorite snacks is an hb-egg with a dollop of homemade mayo and a light sprinkling of truffle salt. Divine. I’ve also been perfecting my recipe for fuschia-colored pickled eggs. I keep telling Dave I’m becoming a homesteader now that we live in Vermont. He just rolls his eyes. But here’s the thing about hb-eggs. They can be a royal pain in... read more

Upside Down

This post is a re-write of a story about my first solo handstand against a wall. I’m at a new gym these days, challenging myself to keep an open heart and mind as I re-learn how to workout hard and try to shut out the nagging little demon that whispers to me about how I’m going to fail. This story is a reminder to me that I can do it — and you can, too. Whatever it is… we just have to... read more

You Did It! Quarterly Is A Go

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you to support me in my quest to become a curator for a paleo box of goodies for Quarterly? Within a 2-week timeframe, I needed 1000 of you to tell Quarterly you wanted a paleo box. You guys are so awesome, there were 1100 of you in just one week that voted yes. You did it! And now I can send you presents in the mail. I’m working on putting together my first... read more

My Whole30 Story

It occurred to me that new readers might not be familiar with my long, loving track record with the Whole 30. It’s not a success story in the traditional sense — there’s no “after” photo of me with six-pack abs or a tale of massive, overnight weight loss — but it is a success story. Eating Whole30 style has kept me relatively fit, mostly happy, and committed to continuing to... read more

Spring Chopped Salad

I know it’s summer, but all of the ingredients needed to make the Spring Chopped Salad from Well Fed 2 were in abundance last week when we visited Sunrise Farm for our CSA pickup. So I thought I’d share this recipe, just in case you’re also up to your ears in cucumbers and snap peas where you live. This salad is SO green, and also light, lemony, and thoroughly satisfying. Plus, it’s... read more


I’ve talked about my deep affection for Lunchbots before. Anybody remember this little disaster? NOT A LUNCHBOT Yeah. That’s Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup all over the floor (and my shoes, and my jeans) because that was BEFORE I started using Lunchbots in my kitchen. Crap like that doesn’t happen anymore because I always use Lunchbots now. True story; not an advertisement. Anyway. If... read more

Sunrise Spice

In my Austin kitchen, I had my spices in two cabinets above my stove; I wrote about it in great detail. In my new kitchen, my spices now live in a wide, deep drawer. I slapped labels on the lids and arranged them in very, very rough alphabetical clusters. I’m slowly learning where things are so I can put my hands on them without thinking about it too much. Note that salt and garlic powder, which I... read more

Hike in Quechee Gorge: A Story in Photos

I’ll tell you what: Getting 10,000 steps every day is really fun in Vermont! It’s exciting to be in a new environment, and the possibilities for leisurely strolls and vigorous hikes in our new home are mind-boggling. So far, it looks like the Northern Rail Trail, starting in Lebanon near our gym, will be the go-to for weekday, “I gotta get outside right now” walks. But we’ve... read more

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