Basic Zucchini Noodles

Go ahead and say it! It’s OK to complain a little among friends. At first, saying “no” to pasta – and replacing it with vegetables! – is no fun. I understand. We all go through it. But here’s the thing: We have choices. Tasty choices. There’s no reason to give up the fun of twirling long, strands of yumminess on a fork. With a little patience, some ingenuity, and the loving support of... read more

Sand & Sun: A Story In Photos

Once upon a time… … we went to Miami (cue Will Smith song) for the BlogHer Food Conference. I picked up some excellent Pinterest tips from Lisa Wells of Cook Eat Paleo, had the great pleasure of meeting Dianne Jacob in person, ate my weight in yuca (fries and boiled and chips, oh my), and spent quality time in the sun and sand of South Beach. Here are some highlights from our adventures. And... read more

Potluck Season: Paleo Summer Salads

According to the Internet, May is National Salad Month. Who am I to disagree?! With that in mind — and with potluck season officially kicking off in the U.S. with Memorial Day next week, a.k.a., the first official holiday of the summer — here are some of my favorite Paleo Summer Salads. They’re all easy to double and triple for sharing at potlucks, and they’re so packed full of flavor and... read more

BlogHer Food in Miami

Dave and I are off to Miami for the BlogHer Food ’14 conference. I cannot say the words “I’m going to Miami” without mentally singing Buenvenidos a Miami… and visualizing this: I’m speaking on a panel called “Picking a Path – The Traditional vs. Indie Book Publishing Route,” and as much as I am trying to daydream it into being, I suspect we will not... read more

WF2 Recipe: Lizard Sauce

Once upon a time, we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Costa Rica, thinking it would be a big adventure. For a variety of reasons, it was not a dream vacation. (It wasn’t all bad: there are some fun stories here, here, and here.) There were two major bright spots: I loved the lizards that ran rampant over the landscape, and at every meal, a bottle of Salsa Lizano was on the table. Kind of like Costa... read more

WF2 Recipe: Mulligatawny Stew

There is a ridiculously long list of new recipes on my whiteboard that I want to share with you, but that requires re-making them, picking out cute photo props, taking a photo, then writing up the blog post — all of which seems impossibly daunting right now. My thoughts are like this: OMG, WE’RE MOVING TO VERMONT IN, LIKE, 6 WEEKS, AND WE NEED TO PLAN THE MOTHER OF ALL MOVING SALES AND DAMN IT! WHY... read more

What’s Going On Around Here

We’re up to our earlobes in packing boxes for our July 1  move to Vermont. Our bookshelves are half empty. Dust bunnies drift in the air current created by the A/C (which is running like a champ because it’s 91F outside already). Dave and I lost ourselves for hours yesterday, flipping through a huge box of old photos, ultimately deciding to keep all of them because who can THROW AWAY... read more

Paleo Cinco de Mayo Recipes

The flavors of Tex-Mex and Mexican food are like the harbingers of summer, hinting at lazy days of sunshine, spicy food, pool parties, and booty shaking to Latin music. Give this a listen while you browse paleo recipes perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any day you want to turn into a fiesta! Fiesta Pork Chops from Well Fed 2 Ginger-Lime Grilled Shrimp from Well Fed Machacado con Huevos from Well Fed Stovetop... read more

Fiesta Pork Chops

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here’s a recipe that can turn a mundane Monday or a tiresome Tuesday into a fiesta! These pork chops are packed with so many festive flavors — and they’re so easy to make — this could quickly become a weeknight favorite at your house. After a quick browning in a hot pan, the pork chops are simmered in a sauce bursting with south of the border flair: chiles, lime... read more

Russian House Bday: A Story In Photos

Once upon a time… We celebrated my May 1 birthday (and International Workers’ Day) at the Russian House restaurant with some of my favorite people. The restaurant has an extensive gluten-free menu and is very paleo friendly (unless you indulge in the smooth vodka they serve up in alluring little shot glasses and the Staropramen — my favorite Czech beer — they have on tap). The Russian House... read more

The Taste of Eastern Europe

This is the time of year when Dave and I usually start packing our bags to head off on European adventures, but other shenanigans are afoot this year. Hello, cartooning and skiing! The lovely gift of cooking is that I can enjoy the taste of a culture anytime, without the hassle of the trans-Atlantic flight and pesky border controls. Here are some of my favorite recipes, inspired by our travels in the Czech... read more