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It’s been almost six years since I launched The Clothes Make The Girl, and a lot has changed since then. When I started writing, it was purely to amuse myself and the handful of people in my CrossFit class. Who knew when I wrote that first post that there would be amazing readers like you and cookbooks in my future?! It’s time to give the site a makeover, and I would love your input. Can you... read more

Improvised Cookbook Holder

I’ve gotta give props to Well Fed cookbook owner Jonathan Kaufman for his ingenious improvised cookbook holder. Pretty sweet, right? (Jonathan tweets about Paleo food as @kaufmantenor.) You guys would freak out if you could see how I abuse my copies of Well Fed and Well Fed 2. I literally lay them on the counter and use them as placements: I measure on top of them; slop liquids all over the pages;... read more

Tuesday 10: Fave Paleo Products

Generally speaking, I like to make everything from scratch, and I don’t eat treats very often. My food life is mostly built around protein, veggies, fruit, and coconut oil. But I’m not a machine, people! Sometimes I want to tear into a package that contains something delicious, that I didn’t have to make, and eat it like an animal. These are some of my favorite paleo-friendly products,... read more

Chopped Chicken Livers

Let’s talk chicken livers! I’ll go first. Confession: I love the taste of chicken livers, but handling them… raw? It’s pretty much a nightmare. But if I’ve learned anything during my years in the kitchen, it’s that you cannot make a delicious meal without a few gross-outs along the way. And in addition to being tasty little buggers, chicken livers are packed with... read more

Rants & Raves 2/22/2014

Oh, the internet! It gets me all riled up with dire news and mainstream idiocy, then blammo! it hits me with something so awesome, it must be shared. Welcome to a new collection of Rants & Raves! Rants, Or… Why Is the World So Disappointing Sometimes?  Definitely not “puttin’ on the Ritz. A Canadian mom sent her kids to daycare with “leftover homemade roast beef and potatoes,... read more

The Brave Ones

Come along with me on a Friday romp — this story is going to weave together punk rock dreams, self-publishing, Roller Derby, Social Distortion, and doing Good Things. Ready? Back in 2005 — holy shit! has it really been that long?! — I was better known as Melicious, a blocker for the Hotrod Honeys roller derby team. I was also shopping around a book proposal to major publishers for what would... read more

My Paleo Mag Column

I’ve been a reader of Paleo Magazine since its early days, and I’ve contributed a few recipes to previous issues. I was also delighted to win a few Paleo Magazine awards last year. (Chocolate Chili and Peach Almond Crisp from the original Well Fed were big winners!) Now I’m delighted to share the news that I’ll be writing a new recipe column — along with one of Dave’s... read more

Brian Williams + Sugarhill Gang

When I was about 12 years old, I went roller skating at the Roller Roost II every weekend, and I was desperately in love with Mike, the lanky, blonde, sort of stoner kid who worked the skate rental counter most of the time, but sometimes sometimes magical-sometimes, was the substitute DJ in the carpet-covered booth that towered over the skating floor. Mike’s favorite song was “Rapper’s... read more

Paleo Nutrition For Teens

Last April, I introduced you to Joshua Weissman and his blog Slim Palate. I invited Joshua to write a post for us that shares his thoughts on why it’s important for children and teens to eat real food — probably even following the paleo template — even if they’re not overweight or experiencing any heath issues. What follows is his take on the situation, along with his five tips to help... read more

I Like Bode Miller

I loved this Slate piece on Bode Miller called What NBC Missed about Bode Miller by Focusing on His Dead Brother. I watched on Sunday as Bode Miller screamed down the mountain and dug in with his edges, butt hovering inches above the blurred snow. Then I cringed in empathetic agony while Christin Cooper, the NBC reporter, badgered Miller about his deceased brother in his post-race interview. In the... read more

Whole Foods Class: Middle Eastern Feast

I’m teaching another hands-on class at Whole Foods in March — and this time, it’s a Middle Eastern feast! Come on out and play with me! As I’ve explained before, I’m from a melting pot family — Italian mom and Lebanese dad. I’m pretty sure I could roll a stuffed grape leaf before I could tie my shoes! In this hands-on class, we’ll be making paleo versions of some of... read more

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