The Best Version of Ourselves, 2014

The post below was originally published in 2011, and it’s been updated each year to reflect where I am in my life and the new things I’ve learned in the previous 12 months. For 2014, I remain committed to the philosophy it outlines, and I’ll be taking my compassion — for myself and others — with me everywhere I go in the coming year. Thank you for all of your support, funny comments,... read more

Kindle Matchbook Program

I’ve got great news for you kitchen wizards that love both print and digital! Both Well Fed and Well Fed 2 are part of an Amazon program that allows you to buy the Kindle version of the book at the reduced price of $2.99 when you buy the print book. You can buy the Kindle version at the same time you purchase the print book — or, if you already own the print book and want the Kindle, too, just... read more

New Year’s Eve, Paleo Style

This year, for the first time in ages, Dave and I have plans to go out to dinner on New Year’s Eve — to Lambert’s! — then on January 1, we’re hopping on a plane to San Francisco for a book signing with Michelle Tam and Diana Rodgers, plus Nom Nom Paleo’s book launch party and Chris Kresser’s book release. Whew! But usually, we stay home. We watch a feel-good movie and eat... read more

Whole30 2014: Week 1 Meal Plan

I really don’t understand meal plans. I mean, conceptually, I get it. When you’re starting a new eating plan, an expert tells you exactly what to eat and when to make it a little easier. But practically speaking, it makes no sense to me. WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO EAT SALMON ON MONDAY?! However, I understand the desire to have a more concrete plan than “eat clean food,”... read more

My 15 Most Popular Recipes of 2013

I like to think that all of my recipes are winners because I love them all equally. But my site stats have something to say about that! Here are the 15 most popular recipes on my blog from 2013. Bonus! They’re all 100% paleo and Whole30 approved. And delicious. And winners. 15. Moroccan Meatballs  14. Caramelized Coconut Chips 13. Comfort Noodles 12. Mexican Meatza 11. Bora Bora Fireballs 10. Old... read more

Giveaway: Rockstar Body Program

For many of us — myself included — the issue hasn’t always been what I was eating, but how and why I was eating. The food we put into our mouths is influenced by emotional triggers and environmental cues, as well as the nutritional hungers of our bodies — and for many of us, what we eat and how it makes us feel totally influences our self image. I spent decades looking for a way to just eat... read more

30 Reasons To Whole30 (Updated!)

This is a “vintage” post that’s been updated to support all the people starting a Whole30® on January 1 — be sure to read through to the resources at the end! If you have no idea what I mean when I say “Whole30,” head on over here for all the details. Over the last four years or so, I’ve done a handful of Whole30 re-sets, and everyone of them has (a) been different... read more

Tuesday 10: Tips For A Holly Jolly Christmas

My road to the holidays was paved with good intentions, but I took a detour when I was run over by the flu. I meant to share this list with you on Tuesday, but on Tuesday (and Wednesday and most of Thursday) I was on the couch, under a blanket, with a temperature ranging between 100F and 102F. (I watched the Hell out of some Oddities on Netflix.) But fear not! My fever is gone, my cough is diminishing,... read more

Well Fed 2 – Now on Kindle

Hooray! Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is now available for your Kindle on Amazon. Our developers did an awesome job translating our funky design into the stripped down Kindle world; I think it looks pretty darn good! And everything is linked so it’s easy to hop between recipes and navigate your way around. Hope you like it. Now… go get it! And have fun in the... read more

Heads Up: 21-Day Sugar Detox

Obviously, I’m a very devoted Whole30 kind of girl. But it’s also important to stay on top of the other good ideas and plans out there. I love seeing what the other nutrition leaders are up to, and I always learn something new, useful, amusing, or helpful. With that in mind, I’ll be reviewing a handful of new books over the next few months — including Chris Kresser’s Your Personal... read more

Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

Before I switched to dino-chow, food gifts consisted of deliciously non-nutritious things like See’s Candy and gourmet cookies. I still love food gifts, but now they’re usually delicious nutrient-dense things like grass-fed meat, organic fruits and veggies, and luscious, luscious nuts (and nut butters). You know, the kind of stuff you can find at Whole Foods. McKinzey Crossland, one of the... read more

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