Smupdate! September 11, 2013

Sometimes, when I’m hard at work typing and thinking, or cooking, or just generally trying to get ahead in the world, I take a break to see what Smudge is up to. She’s usually stalking us from the dining room chairs.

Smudge spends a good deal of her awake time eyeballing us from behind the rungs of our dining room chairs. Sometimes she just chills. Sometimes she launches an attack between the slats or over the top of the chair back. And sometimes, we can lure her out with a toy mouse and get her to play with us.

I know just how she feels: I kinda want to take refuge behind something right now, too… recharge my batteries and prepare for the upcoming Well Fed 2 mania. Which means you might not hear too much from me for the next few days. I’m on serious “take care of myself” duty: getting a haircut tomorrow, then visiting the eye doctor on Friday, with gym workouts, yoga classes, The Artist’s Way morning Pages, and prep for my World History class sprinkled throughout.

But after that, I expect I’ll be re-invigorated and perky and ready to see what’s next.

Like this:



6 Responses to “Smupdate! September 11, 2013”

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  2. Tony says:

    Smudge is very photogenic. Added her to my Dog board. Sorry, Smudge, don’t think enough cats like you exist to warrant a cat board/.

  3. Lydia says:

    SUCH a pretty girl!

  4. Cute! And I just love what a good role model you are for self-care. That’s a message that’s talked a lot more often than it’s walked!

  5. JJBBone says:

    Have you read The Seamstress? Another v. good holocaust book. I, too, have this fascination. Is is the relentlessness of the evil or the triumph over it? Maybe both.

    Our cat, Honey, is also an watcher. We recently moved, and she has become far more affectionate. Well, that is stretching it. She has become more “hang out with us-ish.”

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