Chomp on Chomps!


It’s no secret that there is a lot of junk food lust in my past. Yes, my mom and dad were excellent cooks and taught me my way around the kitchen. Yes, we ate dinner together as a family almost every night – around 5:00 p.m. – until I graduated from high school. And yes, our meals usually included meat, vegetables, and salad (along with rice!).

But I also snarfed my way through plenty of frozen pizza, nacho cheese Doritos, and Slim Jims. I really loved a Slim Jim. Both the greasy, spicy snack stick…


… and the drummer for my beloved Stray Cats.

When I stopped eating junky, packaged food, I said “goodbye” to Slim Jims forever.

But thanks to Chomps Snack Sticks, the spicy meat in a snappy stick form is back!


Made from 100% grass-fed beef – and Whole30 Approved – Chomps are portable protein power, and they taste really freakin’ good. Very flavorful, but not overly spicy, they taste like meat, without the overly-smoky flavor of jerky. They’re tender with a satisfying, crisp-to-the-bite exterior – and they are totally  junk free, gluten free, and sugar free. The recipe uses celery juice as a preservative, so no refrigeration necessary, and that also means the sticks are free of synthetics, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites.

Check out the ingredients:

  • grass-fed beef
  • water
  • salt
  • citric acide
  • black pepper
  • red pepper
  • garlic powder
  • coriander

… all stuffed in a collagen casing.

If you’re looking for an on-the-go protein source – or a way to relive the glory days of junk food indulgence, without the junk food – you should chomp on some Chomps!

Win Some Chomps / Buy Some Chomps

Thanks to the generosity of the nice folks at Chomps, one lucky random winner will receive a 5 pack of the original flavor, a 5 pack of the new jalapeño flavor, and a 20%-off coupon on their next order.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Thanks for playing along!

To Enter: Like Chomps on Facebook and follow me on Twitter — and let me know in comments that you did it (or that you’re already a Liker/follower). If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, you can still enter! Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing.

Deadline: Deadline to enter is midnight on Friday, September 6. I’ll pick a random winner on Saturday and announce it here.

Why wait on luck? All of you can be chomping on Chomps, too, with this awesome discount deal. From September 4 through October 2, use the code TGMTG10 during checkout to get 10% off your order!

Chomps are available online and at offline retailers. For more information, visit the Chomps web site. You might also want to check out their blog, follow Chomps on Twitter,  like ’em on Facebook, or shop for Chomps on Amazon.

Full disclosure: Chomps sent me a free sample, but the raving about how good they are is all true and all mine. If I didn’t like ’em, I wouldn’t have mentioned them at all.



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  15. AKM says:

    I Liked ’em on FB and I already follow you on Twitter (AKM522). Thanks for the discount code! I don’t think I want to wait to see if I’ve won. 😉

  16. Jessica H. says:

    I liked Chomps on Facebook and I’ve been a fan of your for quite a while! I’m not a twitter member though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Lisa Landis says:

    Liked and followed. Love your recipes!

  18. Tara says:

    I’m in the middle of a Whole 30 and I’m desperate for something snacky! I really want to win, but I might just end up buying some anyway…

  19. Tara says:

    Oh…and I already like and follow…er…cyberstalk you, really. :p

  20. Rachel H says:

    I have been thinking about trying these because they look awesome! liked on facebook and followed on twitter! =)

  21. Krissy Smith says:

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  22. Erin says:

    Liked and followed. Those look super tasty!

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  25. donna says:

    Always looking for a new snack!

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  34. Valerie says:

    I liked the Chomps facebook page. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  35. Katie L. says:

    Hey! Just liked the Chomps page on facebook, and I already follow you on twitter! (@HerpDerpKatie) Hope I win!! 😀

  36. Kristyan says:

    I am a liker! (I’m not a tweeter, but I’d follow you if I were!)

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  43. hillarie says:

    I follow you on twitter, but I’m not a fan of following brands on FB. I will probably use the discount code and check them out, though!

  44. These look good!
    (PS: I’m following you on Twitter!)

  45. Catherine says:

    No twitter account, but I already “liked” Chomps on facebook! This sure would be tasty :)

  46. Emily says:

    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, but I’d love to win this! Thanks for including those of us who are social-media inept!

  47. april says:

    I like Chomps and follow you on Twitter. Great giveaway!

  48. Vicki says:

    Liked it and followed you. Chomps look delicious!

  49. michelle says:

    I liked Chomps on FB and already follow you on twitter

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    I don’t use Twitter but I did like Chomps on Facebook. Thanks for the review!

  51. Maureen says:

    I’m excited to try this product, I’m also a secret lover of the slim jim! I liked Chomps on facebook and I already follow you on Twitter.

  52. Liz Overton says:

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  55. Greg says:

    Liked Chomps and The Clothes Make The Girl on FB, but don’t use Twitter. Chomps look good. We eat Paleo, but it would be nice to have some snacks around that arn’t fruit or coconut.

  56. Rebecca says:

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  57. Renee says:

    I want to wiiiiiiin :) pick me!

  58. Sally says:

    Already follow you on twitter and just liked Chomps on facebook. These sound too good to be true!

  59. Lynn says:

    I liked on FB, but no Twitter account. These sound like heaven in a stick for my son!

  60. Stephanie KL says:

    I’m a follower of CHOMPS on Facebook. My hometown big box stores don’t stock any worthy protein paleo snacks. I’d love to try the beef sticks to see what I’ve been missing.

  61. Lauren says:

    I follow chomps on Facebook and you on twitter! Have definitely been wanting to give these sticks a try for a while now!

  62. Linda says:

    already have them on my like list. :)

  63. Bob Theroux says:

    Chomps has no cumin and gets your praise. Chomps must really taste good! I’m off to like them on FB.

  64. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t tweet, but I liked them on FB. Pretty sure I’ll LOVE them IRL. :)

  65. KimS says:

    Tried the Chomps and love them. I carry two in my purse at all time for emergencies. I have followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook. Thanks!

  66. Dondi says:

    Liked Chomps, love your recipes!

  67. Lucy says:

    I like you and Chomps on FB. I’m not in twitter

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    Done and done! Those look delicious, and the perfect snack to keep in my desk and keep me going through a long day of teaching!

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    I like Chomps and already follow you :)

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  72. Mom says:

    Since I’m not eligible for the contest I will comment on “da hair”.
    Best Pompadour ever!!!!!!

  73. Mmmm sounds super yummy!

    I follow you on twitter @beckyainsley

    Also, I <3 the stray cats

  74. Jess says:

    Your first link actually goes to “Logic Meat Locker”… I liked on fb as well as Chomps!!!!

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    Love to Chomp!

  78. Emily says:

    I live in the stone age and don’t have a facebook or twitter account…. but I would love to win some. They look really good!

  79. divahick says:

    Done and done

  80. Jeri says:

    Check out the Real Sticks from Vermont Smoke and Cure as well. The black pepper is our favorite and has such a tiny pinch of sugar that it’s still zero carbs. Yum!

  81. Lauren M says:

    Yum! This looks like a great snack for my Whole 30. No longer on Facebook or twitter but would love the opportunity to try these out!

  82. Jens says:

    Wow, these look really good!!

  83. Megan says:

    Would love to chomp on some chomps!

  84. Lora W says:

    Would love to give these a try!

  85. Stacy says:

    I like Chomps!

  86. Steven says:

    I like the Chomps on Facebook.

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    Yummy! Liked/ followed!

  88. Kate says:

    These sound phenomenal, and a great resource for the Whole30!

  89. matt says:

    Would love to win some!

  90. Lori says:

    Put me in, Coach!

  91. JessicaD says:

    I liked Chomps on FB and I already follow you on Twitter! Thanks

  92. Joy says:

    Although I missed the giveaway, I appreciate the discount code! I’m looking forward to receiving my first order of chomps.

  93. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! NO SUGAR OR HONEY added to jerky chews!!! I cannot believe it, I may faint! LOL!

  94. Caroline says:

    Can’t wait to pick up some of these for my 12 hour night shifts as a nurse! Liked and followed; I feel like a winner, winner chicken dinner.

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