Another Reason to Love Patrick Stewart

I am definitely on Team Picard in the Kirk vs. Picard debate, and I’m in the midst of a “re-watch ever episode of Start Trek: The Next Generation” phase. NERD ALERT!

Things to know about Patrick Stewart:
1. This is his fiancé.
2. Sir Ian McKellan will officiate at their wedding.
3. You can follow P. Stewart on Twitter.
4. He made this video.



12 Responses to “Another Reason to Love Patrick Stewart”

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  2. Stephanie says:

    Yay! Team Picard all the way!

  3. Joyful Susan says:

    My husband, son and I watched all the Star Trek shows (excluding the original). We love Picard too, but Captain Janeway is our favorite. However, Patrick Stewart is the hottest 73-year-old man on the planet!

  4. Hala says:

    Picard wins, no contest. I may or may not have been known to call myself Captain Picard on occasion.. ahem..

  5. Scott says:

    (The site is actually my wife’s)

    Are you watching the recently released blu-ray’s?

  6. Lydia says:


  7. Jodi says:

    This will make my son’s night! On his first day so school this year, he told his bio teacher that he (the teacher) sounded like Data. My son has been delivering ST lines in Patrick Stewart’s voice regularly since. Yay, nerdy foodie types! :)

  8. Diana says:

    Is he the cutest? The answer is yes.

  9. AKM says:

    I love him, and I’m not even a ST person. He’s also a big advocate for domestic violence survivors, as his mother was one. LOVE him…did I already say that?!

  10. Brandy says:

    Awesome. I always loved him. This is one of my favorite pins ever and it is of him:

  11. Sarah says:

    He is so so great!

    Agree that he is super hot for an old dude, and doesn’t appear to have aged at all in about 20 years.

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