Balkan Cevapcici (aka, Cute Sausages)

I’ve been eating grilled, flavorful, luscious, case-less sausages called ćevapčići (say it like “ch-VOP-chee-chee”) all over the place since we departed Prague to explore Slovenia and Croatia. These tasty little nuggets are available from street vendors and at sit-down restaurants, and can be served with kaymak cheese, chopped salad, french fries, and ajvar (a roasted pepper condiment... read more

Review: Rich Food Poor Food

When Dave and I made the commitment to eating high-quality, real food — dino-chow, paleo, whatever you want to call it — we spent a memorable few hours in the grocery store, reading labels and yelling things like, “WHY DOES THIS SALSA HAVE WHEAT IN IT?!” while angrily slamming jars back onto shelves. It’s a sad truth of making the switch to paleo that the grocery store can become a... read more

Jane Eyre… In Slovenian

Longtime readers know that Jane Eyre is my very favorite book, and I collect unusual copies just because I love the book so very much. On the first day of my first visit to Prague in 2010, I found a copy in an antikvariat to add to my collection, and today, I found this two-volume set in Slovenian at an antikvariat here in Ljubljana. Yes, the cover and spine are in English, but the back says... read more

Do I Need A New ‘Do?!

I know Madonna is wearing a wig in this photo from the Met Gala, and I also know that my all-too-real hair won’t look this perfect, but I am ridiculously tempted to get my hair chopped like this. Maybe even while I’m on vacation! Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind owning that jacket either — but maybe with skirt for me,... read more

Czech Garlic Soup

Just as we were preparing to leave on our trip a few weeks ago, Dave started to get the sniffles. By the time we landed in the Czech Republic, he had a full-blown head cold, and a few days later, I was taken out by germs, too. The weather in Prague was rainy and cool — perfect for my black leather jacket and a bowl of fortifying Czech Garlic Soup (in Czech: česnečka) at the pub around the corner from... read more

My New Tattoo: Story In Photos

May 1 was my birthday, and I celebrated the way any mature, responsible, 45-year-old woman might: I decided to get a new tattoo while on vacation in Prague. And then I sweet-talked Dave into joining me. Here are the snaps from the day we got matching star tattoos to celebrate aging as loudly and inappropriately as possible. We chose Tribo, based on recommendations from Reddit. The shop was booked, but... read more

Prague Postcards: Seen On The Street

When you look at photos on my blog, and they’re good, they were taken by Dave. When you look at photos on my blog and they’re, well… just photos, they were taken by me. Here are some snaps Dave took on the street during the first few days of our trip… he has a good eye for what’s cool, no? Like this striking couple. You know that man can’t resist giving that sassy girl... read more

I’ll Take The Stairs: Story in Photos

Our (temporary) apartment in Prague is just off Old Town Square, in a narrow alley with large wooden doors on either end. After midnight, the doors are locked and the alley disappears from view, while we sleep four floors above the cobblestones. Radiating out from the square are the streets that lead to Prague’s other delights: the Charles Bridge and beyond to the castle, side streets that lead to a... read more

Review: The Paleo Slow Cooker

I have a very narrow relationship with my slow cooker. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m generally not a fan of stews and soups made in the slow cooker, but as a counter-top oven, I think it’s awesome (see: Italian Pork Roast) — especially in Austin where using my oven also means turning on the air conditioner to balance the blast of cooking heat. The recipes in The Paleo Slow Cooker:... read more

Fave Things: Týnská Literární Kavárna

I shouldn’t like this place. It’s somewhat dark. It smells like cigarette smoke. The menu is limited to a few cold meat options (sausages, sardines, cheese), plenty of booze, and hot coffee and tea drinks. But this is one of my favorite places in Prague. It’s tricky to find… you have to circle around the Týn Church and, when you get to the back, remember that it’s not that... read more