Happy Halloween: A Story In Photos

As I confessed last week, Dave and I flew our geek flags high and attended the Wizard World Austin Comic Con. I didn’t partake in costuming, but I la-la-loved the people who did. Here are some of Dave’s snaps from our trek into Nerd-dom.

When we walked into the convention center, we were greeted by empty halls. “Where are all the nerds?!” I demanded. Then we turned a corner and blammo! nerds and R2-D2. Dorky bliss.

Further down the hall, we found a human statue looking both ghoulish and lovely. (Update: I’ve been informed that the weeping angel is from Dr. Who. Nerdily noted!)

Yeah, that’s right: a Klingon family.

Everywhere we looked on the showroom floor, there was all kinds of nerdtastic crap to buy. Who doesn’t need a replica of the alien band from Star Wars?!

I resisted all action figures, autographed glossy 8X10s of Patrick Stewart, and a pretty sweet Star Trek bathrobe, but I could not pass up the steam punk ring that is clearly magical. Twist the Eiffel Tower and immediately transport to Paris, right?

I don’t even know…

Unicorn in a suit with a gun? Of course.

Tiny Predator.


Iron Man!

It was impossible to be bored while waiting for the Star Trek panel to start because (1) I got to hold the sign…

and (2) there was stuff like this to keep me amused…

The Masque of the Red Death!

And here are some of the best from the Masquerade Contest that closed out the convention…


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12 Responses to “Happy Halloween: A Story In Photos”

  1. Lydia says:

    You need to brush up on your nerd culture. That human statue is a weeping angel from Dr. Who. 😉

    I love me the Alien and Predator franchises with a deep and abiding affection. I desperately want to wrap up that tiny Predator and take it home!

  2. aseafish says:

    Delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the spirit of Halloween. Giddy at work just looking at these costumes.

  4. Megan B says:

    Unicorn with a gun is from Ke$ha’s Blow video.

    Oh god, I can’t believe I know that. :hangs head in shame:

    • Megan B says:

      Which I am now rewatching and laughing at hysterically.

      “Well, well, well, if it isn’t James VanDerDouche.”
      “I don’t appreciate you slanderBeeking my name, K-E-dollar-sign-ha.”

  5. DoniB says:

    LOVE Dr. Who! And the Weeping Angels episode(s) are the best.

    The hairy chest/back is going to give me nightmares though!

  6. Mel, please, please, get to watching yourself some Dr. Who. It is all on Netflix. No excuses.

    While you are at it, Sherlock and Luther if you aren’t caught up on your BBC shows. :)

  7. Suzanne H says:

    I agree with the others, you must watch Doctor Who. It’s one of my favorite shows. I adore it.

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