Reading is Sexy. Healthy Reading Is Sexier.

UPDATE 11/3/12: The eBook Bundle sale is over. But I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the bloggers below and explore their work. We might be selling the eBook Bundle again, so I’ll keep you posted on that!

In the four years since I started my blog, my readership has grown beyond my immediate friends and my mom — Hi, guys! —  and I’m so grateful that all of you found me. Thanks for sticking around to chat with me about paleo food, great training and disappointing results, motivation, and awesome books. It can be hard for bloggers to break through to find their audiences, so I’m glad to be part of a new bundle of eBooks from some pretty great, indie bloggers that share my desire to make their readers happier and healthier.

For the next five days, Well Fed is part of a bundle of 34 eBooks from 27 healthy living bloggers, and you can get the whole bundle for just $29. If you care about the math: the books are valued at over $300 if you buy them individually, but this deal works out to just $0.87 per book… and there are free bonuses and cool prize giveaways, too.

So… what’s in the bundle?

I’m super picky-pants when it comes to others’ eBooks, but I gotta say: I was pretty impressed when I looked at the offerings from the other bloggers. They’re not all paleo, but there’s a good chunk of paleo peeps, along with bloggers focused on real food, gardening, generally living healthier, and making your own skincare products… which seems like good research for holiday gifts, no? I love giving people homemade stuff for Christmas! When you buy the Healthy Living eBook Collection, you get instant downloads of all 34 books listed here — and even if you’re not interested in buying, why not visit some of these blogs to introduce yourself to someone new?!

Grain Free and Paleo/Primal Eating
Grain Free Meal Plan Cookbook by Cara Faus @ Health, Home & Happiness ($18)
Toadally Primal Smoothies
by Todd @ Primal Toad ($9.95)
Simple Food {for spring}
by Shannon @ Nourishing Days ($10)
Simple Food {for winter}
by Shannon @ Nourishing Days ($10)
Well Fed
(Paleo Recipes) by Melissa Joulwan @ The Clothes Make The Girl ($14.95)

Saving Money on Real Food
Real Food on a Real Budget by Stephanie Langford @ Keeper of the Home ($18.99)
Plan It, Don’t Panic
by Stephanie Langford @ Keeper of the Home ($4.99)
Don’t Compost It, Cook It
by April Patel @ An Apple a Day Wisdom ($2.99)

Homemade “Everything” (Condiments, Pantry Basics, etc.)
Restocking the Pantry
by Kresha Faber @ Nourishing Joy ($7.99)
Easy. Homemade.
by Mandi Ehman @ Life Your Way ($3.99)

Healthy Lifestyle
Simple Living
by Lorilee Lippincott @ Loving Simple Living ($2.99)
Herbal Nurturing
by Michele Augur @ Frugal Granola ($8.95)
Simple Natural Health
by Nina Nelson @ Shalom Mama ($17)
Healthy Homemaking
by Stephanie Langford @ Keeper of the Home ($12.95)
Music: An Essential Ingredient for Life
by Resound School of Music ($6.99)

Skincare and Beauty
My Buttered Life (Baby edition)
by Renee Harris @ Hard Lotion ($5)
My Buttered Life (Gift edition)
by Renee Harris @ Hard Lotion ($5)
My Buttered Life (Summer edition)
by Renee Harris @ Hard Lotion ($5)
Simple Scrubs to Make and Give
by Stacy Karen @ A Delightful Home ($3.99)
Food on Your Face for Acne and Oily Skin
by Leslie @ Crunchy Betty ($7.99)
Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skincare
by Roxanne King @ The Holistic Mama ($19)

Homesteading, Gardening and Preserving
Your Custom Homestead by Jill Winger @ The Prairie Homestead ($4.99)
Guide to Gardening and Preserving
by Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers ($7.95)
Apartment Gardening
by Jami Leigh @ Young Wife’s Guide ($2.99)

Real Food Meals for the Whole Family
Have Your Fruits… and Veggies, Too!
by Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers ($5.95)
Real {Fast} Food
by Trina Holden @ Trina Holden ($6)
20 Minute Meals
by Leigh Ann Dutton @ Intentional by Grace ($4.99)
Real Food… Real Easy
by various bloggers @ The Humbled Homemaker ($9.95)

Baking, Snacks and Desserts
Smart Sweets
by Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship ($8.95)
Healthy Snacks To Go
by Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship ($8.95)
Sourdough A to Z
by Wardee Harmon @ GNOWFGLINS ($20)

Pregnancy and Babies
Breast to Bib by Kate Tietje @ Modern Alternative Pregnancy ($8.95)
Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods
by Kate Tietje @ Modern Alternative Pregnancy ($8.95)
Unbound Birth
by Jenny Yarborough @ The Southern Institute ($4.99)

How it works

When you buy the bundle, you’ll get download instructions to get all the eBooks, plus $49 of free bonuses and entry into a drawing to win some badass prizes.

The bonuses
— a free variety pack of Earthpaste (toothpaste), Real Salt, and Redmond Clay from Redmond Trading ($21 Value)
— a free 3-Month subscription to Plan to Eat, a simple online menu planner that organizes your recipes and creates a grocery list ($15 Value)
— a free sourdough starter or  traditional buttermilk starter from Cultures for Health ($13 Value)

The prizes
When you purchase a Healthy Living eBook bundle, you’re automatically entered to win any one of the following:
Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator ($349.95 value)
Omega VRT350 Masticating Juicer (379.99 value)
R1 Royal Berkey Water Filtration System ($298.00 value)

Don’t want to buy an eBook Bundle, but still want to be entered into the drawing? No problem! You can enter to win the prizes here.

Ready to get it?

Buy the bundle now and start reading some really cool stuff! NOTE: This collection is only available from 8 a.m. EST on October 29th to 8 a.m. EST on November 3rd. There will be no late sales offered.

Click here to get the Healthy Living eBook Bundle

24 Responses to “Reading is Sexy. Healthy Reading Is Sexier.”

  1. Carleen says:

    Open to Canadians too? :)

  2. Mickey says:

    So cool! Just bought it :)

  3. Lydia says:

    I haven’t made the jump to an e-reader, and I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to eBook technology. Are these available as PDFs to read on my computer? Even if they aren’t, I think I found the perfect holiday gift for my mom–who DOES own an e-reader!

  4. Still in the “start up” mode of blogging and yes, my mom and friends are my frequent readers. Thank you for being an inspiration and for the great writing that you do.

  5. Katee L. says:

    So you’re saying that they are Kindle friendly, yes? Just clarifying before pushing the button.

  6. Sherry says:

    Do the pdfs have photos/pictures? Are they in color or B&W?

    • Mel says:

      In most cases, if you click on the individual links, you can go to the sites to see a preview or sample of what the PDFs look like. But yes, they have photos and are in color.

  7. Karen C. says:

    The link doesn’t work. It says it’s not available any more but today is not the 2nd?

  8. adam crafter says:

    I’m jumping on it!
    Plenty of great reading for the winter.

    Thanks for the pointer….

  9. Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for this!! I am always downloading books for my Kindle and this is an awesome deal!

  10. Deborah says:

    so sad to have missed this.
    my face actually looks like this : (

  11. JT says:

    I bought these books through your affiliate link and there was some good stuff.

    I with you had warned potential buyers that there is a LOT of god bothering in these books, which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

    No harm done, and it was worth it to get the ebook to go with my hard copy of your book, but a heads up would have been nice.

    • Mel says:

      To be honest, I didn’t read every word of each eBook. I flipped through them to make sure they were of decent quality, but I wasn’t away of the “god bothering.” Sorry about that!

      If you’d like a refund, send me an email at, and we’ll sort it out.

      • JT says:

        Nah, that’s cool, thanks. I’ve already read all of the books, so it would be a little hypocritical of me to ask for a refund!

        As I said, it was worth it for a digital copy of your books.

        Thanks for the offer, though!

  12. Amber says:

    I bought the bundle but didn’t download anything at the time because I was on my iPad. How can I get back to the confirmation page with all the links?

    • Mel says:

      I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m forwarding your question to the organizers of the sale. Will send you follow up info via email.

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