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I have a tendency to cover my spaces — and myself — with messages. Our mirrors and refrigerator are scrapbooks of photos, postcards, and handwritten notes to remind me of thoughts both profound and silly. My Converse are personalized with Sharpie messages, and most days, I wear a black leather cuff on right wrist that says “Never cheat. Never quit.” And then, of course, there are my tattoos. All of that stuff is intended to remind me of who I am and what’s important.

So Michelle Barnes’ bracelets from Adeline Mae Design are just the kind of thing I’d be happy to add to my (very messy) jewelry box. And the story of how Michelle and her partner (and mom) Sherri started their line is appealing, too: “After starting a fitness journey of their own they quickly realized nothing on the market was girly & delicate but could also be worn during an intense work out, it only made sense to make it themselves. This line is intended to inspire those on the same journey we are.”

Meet Michelle & Adeline Mae Design

What inspired you to start making these bracelets?
I’ve been making jewelry since I could hold a pair of pliers. I grew up in a super crafty family. My mom is a bestselling craft book author, and I’ve published several jewelry making books, too. When we both made a pretty huge commitment to a new healthy lifestyle, it wasn’t long until we started catering our designs to fit what we were living — to design something we loved and wanted to wear. I make all the bracelets by hand and the people that buy them are constantly inspiring me. I just made a custom bracelet for a loss of 110 pounds!

What’s your fitness background?
I’ve always been athletic, I was a figure skater, played softball, and ran track. Sadly, I kind of gave up in college and especially when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and I gained 53 pounds before she was born!  So I’m basically starting from square one in the fitness department. Currently, my day consists of 45 minutes of cardio or 20 minutes of high-intensity training and lots of weight training. I’m fighting to get my body back.

Do you have a nutrition/eating philosophy or plan you follow?
I believe in using the garden to the fullest and cooking for my family as often as possible. However, I probably should admit that this philosophy was forced by my toddler… she is a strange kid! She only eats what every other kid hates. The first thing off her plate is a vegetable, and she usually hides everything else in her lap and yells “more!” She unknowingly made me start looking at our meals differently. I really do enjoy cooking, and I love being in control of the ingredients and nutrients my family is taking in. Beyond that, I eat a high protein, low carb, no sugar diet, and I do count calories.

Regardless of #3, what’s your favorite food?
Curry. Any kind, any flavor, from any part of the world. I especially love Massaman Curry and anything with coconut milk.

Anything else you want my readers to know about you?
I just started blogging about this ridiculously hard journey at Binge There Done That. I’m aiming to lose 40 pounds and need all the support I can get.

Win Two Bracelets

Michelle and I have teamed up to give a lucky winner two of her special bracelets: one that reads “Strong” and one of our Limited Edition “Well Fed” bracelets that will be available for sale soon.

How To Enter

UPDATE: We have our randomly-selected winner and she’s been notified by email. Congratulations, J! And thanks to everyone who entered. The limited edition “Well Fed” bracelet will be available on my site soon.

The Prize: two handmade bracelets from Adeline Mae Designs

To Enter:

1. Follow Michelle on Pinterest.

2. Follow me on Pinterest.

Post to comments to let me know you followed us, and you’re good to go! That’s it! So easy!

Deadline to Enter: 11:59 p.m. Central, Monday, October 22, 2012; winner will be announced Tuesday.

Why gamble on a random drawing?! Head on over to Adeline Mae Designs and buy yourself a little present right now! Her designs are beautiful and can be customized with your favorite colors — and don’t you deserve a little treat?

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    I love these bracelets and the meaning on them. Perfect for my first marathon in November

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    This is my first time on Pinterest, so I hope I did this right! I’m logged in with my FB account (Rebecca Whitlock). I love the look of these bracelets! I don’t generally wear bracelets because they’re usually bulky or too loose and interfere with my typing (computer geek all day), but these look like they’ll be comfortable, quiet and stylish! Hope I win! ;o)

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  23. Hi! I followed you both! Also, since I have not commented yet, I just want to say, I have 6 days left of my Whole30 and I have lived out of Well Fed. LOVE this book and have recommended it to so many people. Thank you!

    Michelle, love your bracelets, simple and beautiful!

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    Following Michelle on Pinterest.

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    Following both of you on Pinterest (not that I don’t already spend too much time perusing other people’s pins…).

    And I just have to add that I am planning to get some extra copies of Well Fed as Christmas gifts this year (we LOVE ours!), and I’m definitely going to check out those bracelets, too!

  36. Kristi L says:

    And I think you are pretty awesome!

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    What loveliness.


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    Both are followed. I’m just starting this journey so looking forward to reading Binge there done that.

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    As if I needed to fuel my Pinterest and Clothes Make the Girl website addiction even more. =)

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    Done and done!

    I currently wear a bracelet sort of like this 24/7 (even through crossfit) – it’s a sideways cross on a black cord – so I know how awesome this kind of jewelry is. Plus, word jewelry is my favorite…so this looks like the perfect combo!

  60. EmJay says:

    Followed you both. I might not be able to wait for the contest. Headed over to Michelle’s shop now.

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    Following both! Thank you for Well Fed! I am 45 days into eating Paleo and your book is awesome and a huge resource!

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    Following you both from @winetoweights

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    Both are followed. Love your recipes! I started a nutrition challenge at my CrossFit gym 39 days ago and bought Well Fed after trying some recipes from your website. Loved everything I’ve tried! They’ve even been a hit with the non-Paleo peeps I’ve cooked for. I’ve really needed your prep tricks for time management also. Thank you!

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    How could I have NOT already be following you on pintrest….. Well I am new to it. But I am following you now,both of you! I love having inspiring words around me as well. I have” believe”around my steering wheel to read as I was driving to training for a marathon.

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    To anyone who didn’t immediately click over and start Michelle’s blog…DO IT! In only a few posts she has already made my heart break and made me laugh, I’m honored she’s sharing her journey.

    • Michelle says:

      thank you for writing this :) I intended to have a weight loss blog and to be well on my way to my goal but life is handing me a bunch of other trials instead, it means a lot that people are caring to read it. such a sweet comment, thank you thank you.

  194. Hi! I’m following you both an I have liked your facebook page as well. I even shared this on my facebook page



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  196. You should sell them on the site. They will fly

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    Also wondered if you announced the winners of the last contest? :)

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    Following you both on Pinterest! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! My husband and I have been making everything in Well Fed and LOVE IT! I have 3 more copies on the way to give as gifts and I am planning on catering my graduation party from law school with recipes from Well Fed! I cannot wait for Well Fed 2!

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  227. Followed both of you on Pinterest. What a great giveaway!

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    …and I’m certainly enjoying poking around your site after following a link from nom nom paleo :)

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    following you both and love the bracelets! could it be possible that the last comment is the best? lets hope…

  254. Swedetess says:

    Hey! Im on day 25 on my very first Whole30, and your recepies has totally saved me a couple of times! Silly me, I missed the last entry for the drawing :( But thanks for my new discovery of Pinterest :) Plus, I absolutely LOVE the well fed bracelet, is there any way to purchase it? Cant find it on Adeline’s website :/

  255. Swedetess says:


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