Find Your Greatness

When Nike gets it right, they really get it right. I love this. That is all.


8 Responses to “Find Your Greatness”

  1. Alicia says:

    I love this stuff, wish we saw more of it when it isn’t the Olympics. Misty-eyed now.

  2. Roni/Mom says:

    Simply put: Emotionally moving!

  3. AustinGirl says:

    Oh! I loved that!! I got a bit teary, too! Happy Opening Ceremonies Day!

  4. Cookie H says:

    Well that gave me goosebumps, thanks!

  5. Carrey says:

    YES!!!! Makes me wish I still played rugby, and makes me yearn for my next competition. On to making some butternut squash.
    Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Roberta says:

    This is awesome! And if I’m not careful, you’re going to suck me right into the Olympics. I haven’t watched (haven’t had a tv) for years. But I’m guessing with the wonders of the internet……….

  7. Carol says:

    Being Canadian, I like this one – not Nike, but it gets me going to work in the morning:)

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