TX Bar Organics Giveaway

Pop quiz!

What’s better than feeding yourself really well?

Feeding someone else really well while you’re also feeding yourself really well!

Meet TX Bar Organics
, a beef ranch in Northern California that not only raises happy cattle, but is also committed to the Food for a Cause program, a pledge to donate one pound of beef to a needy family for every 20 pounds of beef sold.

Full disclosure: TX Bar Organics sent me some of their beef to try, and it was delicious. Flavorful, fresh, meaty. I liked it a lot, so now I’m telling you all about it. And TX Bar Organics and I are teaming up to give you $75 worth of yummy beef to feed your own bad self. Read on!

About the Meat

The beef from TX Bar Organics is 100% grass fed and certified organic. The meat on the TX Bar Ranch comes from very happy animals — and the ranch takes care of the planet, too.

Our passion is to raise the best beef you’ve ever had, and do it in a way that benefits all of the parts of an agricultural system. That agricultural system includes you, the land, the animal and the community. All of our cattle are part of the global animal protection program in which these animals are raised in a calm low stress environment and treated in with the utmost humane care…. Our cattle live a completely natural existence as foragers and grazers. Grazing enhances a complex and balanced mosaic of native grasslands, which in turn maintains the vigor and distribution of these habitats, ensuring a sustainable food system.

The TX Bar Organics web site offers meat galore, including badass packages like the 1 Week Caveman Package (filet mignon, NY strip, and ground beef), as well as sugar-free, grass fed beef jerky. There’s a flat rate for shipping ($14.95) and the packaging is all recyclable, so it’s environmentally friendly, too. I know it can be tough emotionally/philosophically to order meat online, but if you live somewhere that it’s difficult to find access to locally-grown meat, this is an excellent alternative. TX Bar Organics takes care of its local environment and uses packaging that’s as environmentally-friendly as can be.

About Food for a Cause

For every 20 pounds of meat sold, TX Bar Organics gives one pound of ground beef to a needy family. The company’s blog includes the whole, moving story of how Food for a Cause came to be (as well as a blog post about the 50-pound meat donation they made to the North State Food Bank). Here’s a tasty tidbit:

As a family owned business, we wanted TX bar Organics, to gave back to the community while still keeping the the energy and passion alive for raising cattle the right way, where cattle have enough room to graze and live a naturally healthy lifestyle with no added hormones or antibiotics, and with no use of cattle prods or excessive traveling and stress. We started this business for people who want to know where their food comes from and how it is treated throughout their life, as well as to give back to the people who truly need it in this time of hardship in our economy.

Get in on the Giveaway

We’ve got a winner. Congratulations to Cynthia V.! Thanks for playing along, everyone.

The Prize: a $75 gift card from TX Bar Organics

To Enter:

1. Sign up for the TX Bar Organics newsletter for insider access to deals, specials, and promo packages before they’re available online.

2. Sign up for my newsletter for a communique from me once a month with cool stuff that doesn’t make it into my blog.

Then post to comments to let me know you signed up, and you’re good to go! That’s it! So easy!

Restrictions: The winner must be in the U.S. I’m sorry international friends!

Deadline to Enter: 11:59 p.m. Central, Monday, July 2, 2012

I Love This

While I’m grateful that I had a job with the corporate overlords when I really needed it, my heart lies in doing things the indie way. It’s harder and scarier, but it’s also more rewarding and feels more real to me. So I totally love this quote from the TX Bar Organics web site:

Our business is not a major corporation, it is a small family-run business that does all the hard work. We do not just sit back and have people do our work for us. That is not how we were raised and that is not who we are. We are just regular, hard working people that have found a way to give back through doing what we love and what we were raised to do: treat the land and animals with respect while giving back to the people who need it more than we do.

So definitely get in on the giveaway, but if you don’t win, consider buying some badass beef from TX Bar Organics. If you buy this 20-pound ground beef package (which is a great price at just $6.30/lb.), you’ll also be responsible for nourishing another family with grass-fed beef.

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    All signed up! We buy our grassfed beef locally through a friend of a friend’s family farm, but I’m not turning up my nose at the chance to win some for free! :)

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    free meat!! yum!!

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    Signed up and email address confirmed. Small world – a friend of mine’s family have a beef ranch in Red Bluff where TX Bar Organics is located.

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    I didn’t sign up for the newsletter as I am lucky enough to live in farm country with access to lots of local, grass-fed, ideally raised beef. I don’t want to take a prize from a company that I won’t be ordering from in the future.

    I did want to say, however, that they sound like an amazing company and one that people should be proud to do business with! I love to see these small businesses pop up with interest in doing things right, and in the best way possible, rather than just for the bottom line.

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    • Mel says:

      According to the story on their web site, the TX refers to their family name.

    • Chief Beef says:


      We get that a lot! TX Bar is our family brand. We are located in beautiful Northern California (nothing against Texas).

      We thought long and hard about a crafty name, but when it comes down to it, you ride for the brand…and that’s our brand.

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    But then I see the pictures of the actual animals and I just melt and feel kind of sick. Why are they so stinkin cute? If I had to slaughter it myself could I do it??? Why am I such a softie?

    Thanks for this information and making us all think about what we’re actually eating, I’m in CA so I’ll check them out!

    • Mel says:

      I think the same thing when I see piggies and lambs and big-eyed cows… then I remember how good they taste and that they’re fulfilling their purpose when we eat ’em. I’m grateful for them, and I eat them with extreme honor and pleasure :-)

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    And I’ve been meaning to drop you a line about your amazing cookbook I bought the other month – I’ve made almost every single dish in the book, all delicious – THANK YOU for writing just the perfect cookbook for me!

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    • Mel says:

      Thank you for buying Well Fed — and for letting me know you like it! Your veggie hash sounds great. I’m going to steal that idea because I’ve been eating sweet potatoes every morning for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

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  225. […] happy meat vendor was profiled by Melissa at The Clothes Make the Girl. TX Bar Organics raises grass-fed beef in a “calm low stress environment” in Northern […]

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    On a related note – I was the winner of the give-away for the cookbook “Eat the World” from Common Threads. I have no affiliation with a child-oriented organization or school, so after I’m done with it, I’m donating it to our local library. Approve?

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    I have signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity for a prize and also for promoting such a great sounding organic grassfed beef company. I’m going to order. Your endeavors are so greatly appreciated.

  250. Sonya says:

    Signed up! I buy grass fed beef locally but my “go to” farm doesn’t have it all the time thanks to the growing demand. Yay us! Hopefully more and more people will continue to buy! I love having options! Love, love, love your recipes! Your Thai beef again tonight for dinner with a side of your okra!

  251. Mark says:

    Signed up – thanks!

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