Hola From Tamarindo: A Story In Photos

From the beach in front of our house, we can look to our left and see the town of Tamarindo. If properly motivated, we can walk along the beach toward Tamarindo and when we arrive at a big bend to the left, we could wave and shout to people across the way. What we cannot do is walk or swim across the estuary — it’s the home of tricky tides and crocodiles. Our options are to take a water taxi — $3... read more

Casa Muy Grande Plantains

When we arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago, our first stop, fresh off the plane, was the grocery store in town because it’s a 30-minute ride over rutted, unpaved roads to get to Casa Muy Grande, our house by the sea. We just can’t make an easy grocery run every day, so we tried to stock up. But we had no plan. We kinda grabbed stuff willy-nilly: avocados, cucumbers, oranges, onions, chicken... read more

Zombs On The Costa Rican Beach!

So far, the app Zombies, Run! has transformed my runs from ordinary to Holy sh*t! Zombies… run! in the very best way possible. Whether I’m running under moody skies in my (usually boring) neighborhood or in brilliant sunshine on the hike & bike trail around the lake, Zombies, Run! makes every workout more fun — and mildly terrifying. Today, I tested it on Playa Grande here in Costa Rica.... read more

Beef Liver With Parsley-Onions & Lemon

I’m currently kickin’ it in Costa Rica, so most of my meals over the past few days have included fresh fish, avocado, lime juice, and mango. Look for a post later this week with some appropriately tropical meal ideas and maybe a new recipe or two. For now, here’s the result of my beef liver experiment from last week. Be open minded, and you’ll be rewarded. There was a lot of talk... read more

Hola From Costa Rica: A Story In Photos

Of all the wonderful attributes of our trip to Costa Rica — the private beach, the right-outside-our-bedroom pool, the lazy days — we were most excited about the animals. Yes, I had some anxiety about insects (which turned out to be unfounded so far), but I heard tales of monkeys and iguanas in our garden, and I wanted to see them for myself. Dave, showing off with his ability to capture animals and... read more

Rants & Raves – 04/14/12

This is installment of Rants & Raves is coming to you from Playa Grande in Costa Rica. I’m listening to the cicadas singing in the trees and can hear the waves crashing on the beach about 100 meters away. This is the view from my poolside “office.” I’m enormously grateful, and I feel a little embarrassed by my good fortune. This is ridiculously like typing in paradise, and it... read more

Gong to Costa Rica

If someone had told me a year ago what I’d be doing this weekend, I would have thought they were out of their minds — and then I might have hit ’em with two for being lame. What a difference a year makes! Tonight, Dave and I are off to an event called Gong Gong Gongathon. I know! Can you even?! It’s a one-hour kundalini yoga class followed by a 45-minute gong concert. I anticipate... read more

Dr. Sebring and Zombie Radio

Let me start by saying that whatever might be implied by the title of this post, Dr. Sebring is neither a zombie nor zombie-like. He is a lovely human: vibrant, smart, kind, and very much alive. I cannot comment on his desire to eat brains, but I suspect that if he does, they are only of the lamb or calf variety. (That’s him, fourth from the left in the photo above, looking somewhat (to my delight)... read more

Costa Rica, Here We Come

Right around the time I was making the decision to resign from my dayjob with the corporate overlords, some dear friends invited Dave and I to join them in a plush house on Playa Grande in Costa Rica. My overly-sensible inner voice said, Are you nuts?! You’re quitting your job. You can’t go on vacation six weeks after you quit your job! My favorite yoga instructor said, Are you nuts?... read more

Fiesta Tuna Salad

Yesterday, I really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY wanted Mexican food. Naughty Mexican food, like a frosty margarita and an endless basket of tortilla chips, and yeah, maybe some f*cking queso. Not just queso, f*cking queso. I did not succumb to these desires. Instead, I stuck my head in the fridge and grabbed Mexican-ish ingredients: red bell peppers, scallions, pickled jalapenos, fresh... read more

Strength Monday 04/09/12

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I’m following the Wendler 5/3/1 strength training program. Twice a week, Dave and I are hitting the craptastic gym in our Converse to lift heavy and crank through a mini-metcon. Playin’ around… This is supposed to be our de-load week: we don’t lift beyond about 60% of our max so we can rest, recover, and rejuvenate to start our next month of the... read more

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