Pop Quiz: Morning Run Edition

We hit the trail in the sunshine and perfect temps this morning for a workout with Zombies, Run! I did 3:30/1:00 running/walking, and when we’d finished our official missions, we walked about 30 minutes around the lake, enjoying the dogs and the easy start to the day. So, observant readers…

Which of the following did I actually see on my run this morning?

A. Bluebonnets

B. A hot air balloon

C. Zombs

D. A tranquil lake

E. Wildflowers

F. All of the above


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7 Responses to “Pop Quiz: Morning Run Edition”

  1. Raye says:

    F! All of the above. Where were the Zombies?

  2. Erin says:

    All of the above. Funniest thing was seeing the Zombie Dad with the cute little girl…the contrast was perfect.

  3. I’m coming toward Austin next weekend for a 10k (in Brenham). I was hoping the bluebonnets would still be blooming! We are doing the wildflower/winery trail from Johnson City to Fredericksburg after the race, but will be driving through Austin. Do you have any must try Paleo friendly restaurants to suggest?

  4. this is what I miss about Austin~ zombies and bluebonnets in one run~

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