Taking My Own Advice

I’m well-acquainted with the things I need to do to be the Best Version of Myself. Sometimes, I get caught up life-mania and/or having fun, and I neglect to take my own good advice. That all changed with a cookup and a badass workout… The Food Side of Life I didn’t do a Weekly Cookup last week, and we felt it all week long. We ate out in restaurants more often than usual, and my... read more

Smupdate! February 17, 2012

Today is my last morning to hang with the corporate overlords. I’ve got an exit interview with HR, and I need to submit my expenses from my super-awesome client meeting yesterday (7 hours in the car + 3 hours in the meeting + 5 minutes of me presenting = genius). Then I’m having lunch with some of my favorite people and turning in my ID badge. As always, Dave captured Smudge’s reaction to... read more

Breaking Muscle Contest

The fitness site Breaking Muscle  – a really solid resource for workouts, meditations, yoga info, and nutrition – has a new Managing Editor named Becca, and she’s kicking ass and taking names. A few weeks ago, she wrote one of my favorite reviews of Well Fed — and I’m delighted because she also invited me to write a guest post for their site in March. Now she’s given me another... read more

Oh, Yeah? Observe THIS.

You know how some people need to learn to get in touch with their emotions? I’m definitely not one of those people. I know exactly how I feel ALL THE TIME. But now that I’ve been meditating and getting my yoga on, I’ve picked up a new trick: observing my emotions. It’s a fascinating way to recognize a feeling without becoming beholden to it. This morning, I turned to Dave and said... read more

VDay Gift For You: Meat & Spinach Muffins

My mom is the Queen of Thoughtful Gifts. Most of the cute socks, comfy pajamas, and pretty kitchen gadgets I own are because of my mom’s holiday-related generosity. This morning, I opened pink and red heart-covered packages that revealed the following goodies: Pretty measuring spoons! This one says “love” — note the lovely barbell-induced callouses on my palm! And adorable muffin... read more

Gifts of Imperfection: Q&A #1

UPDATE: Here are links to the second and third discussions of The Gifts of Imperfection: Discussion #2 Discussion #3 Welcome to the first virtual meeting of our book club to discuss The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown! (If you don’t know what’s going on around here, read this post and visit Brené’s web site.) I’ve been enjoying the book so much — so many great ideas and... read more

Our Panel at PaleoFX

There are many reasons I think Nom Nom Paleo (the woman and the blog) is pretty freakin’ fantastic. These are nine of them, in no particular order: 1. She takes amazing food photos and post what she eats EVERY DAY. That is commitment. 2. She somehow cooks every day, works a big-time job, does CrossFit, looks adorable, and spends plenty of time with her family. 3. She is generous beyond belief. 4.... read more

Valentine’s Day Mousse

We don’t usually celebrate Valentines’ Day in our house, at least not in the traditional, heart-shaped box of candy way. Honestly, I’d much rather have a lovely grass-fed leg of lamb or a bag of pork rinds made from a free-foraging pig. Call me a hopeless romantic! But am a softie for pink and red and hearts, and in spite of myself, I fell for a recipe I found on FOOD52 last week. I... read more

Review: Paleo Pals

Update 2/17/12: We have a winner! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your food horror stories — they were run to read! Congratulations to our randomly-generated winner Michelle M., and here’s hoping being a winner today makes up for having to eat liver as a kid. Her comment: Liver. Gag. The one time my dad made it for the family was the last time. My younger sister and I sat at the table a LONG time... read more


I feel like my noggin is playing an endless loop of motivational clichés these days: Take a leap of faith! Take the plunge! Dive right in! Jump in with both feet! Um. OK! On February 17, I’m saying 3-2-1-GO! to a new life. After four and a half years with these particular corporate overlords, I’m bidding them adieu and will be devoting myself wholeheartedly to my blog, my books, recipe... read more

Real Conversations About Vital Stuff

Radical Hateloss, written by Stephanie Vincent, is one of my favorite blogs. Stephanie is 100% devoted to helping women re-shape our relationships with our bodies. She’s a CrossFitter, a life coach, a writer, and an all-around beautiful human being, inside and out. So I’m thrilled that: 1. She’s sponsoring a series of discussions called The Ladies RX Discussion Series: Real Conversations... read more

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