Some Really Good Stuff

Oh, friends! I’m woefully behind on blog posts for you. And the stories I have to tell! New kundalini adventures! Tales from under the barbell! New recipes to share! But as intended, I spent the weekend watching football in my pajamas, and now I’m off to the corporate overlords’ lair where, frankly, they’ve got me hoppin’ this month. While I get my act together, here are some... read more

Tune In: I’m Doing a Radio Interview

Man! I love a good talker – someone who speaks with passion, challenges standard viewpoints, and makes me think. So I’m pretty excited to be interviewed by Katherine Albrecht tomorrow on her radio show “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show.” Katherine is pretty much a badass. She’s published six books, appeared in more than 2000 news stories across all media, and among other... read more

Deconstructed Gyro Salad

One of my favorite recipes is Stovetop Pork Carnitas (updated and renamed in Well Fed as Citrus Carnitas). It requires very little effort, but makes a huge pile of meat that lasts for days and can be re-mixed with other ingredients to make lots of tasty stuff. The cooking technique creates lovely caramelized bits – and caramelized bits are one of the best things on the planet. And, it uses cumin. That... read more

This Is Your Life

I don’t want to ruin this video for you by saying too much about it before you watch, but I had three thoughts while viewing: 1. I want a pink cruiser bike, maybe like this. 2. I’m going to eat ice cream at least four times this year, and it’s going to come from Lick. 3. I’m very grateful that I’m surrounded by people that encouraged us to be creative and to make Well Fed. 4.... read more

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: NFL & Awards Shows

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I fell in love with watching professional football. I still pick my teams based on their uniforms (I’m a sucker for the Saints black and gold, and I like the red stripes on the side of the Broncos uniforms) or which quarterback I think would have integrity, so I’m not sure I’d refer to myself as a real football fan. But... read more

Well Fed, But Not Perfect

It’s been almost a month since Well Fed was released, and there are more than 3700 copies circulating out in the world (so far!). Over the weekend, we cracked the Top 100 on! We’re so grateful to you all for your sweet words about the book, for sharing your cooking adventures with us, and for posting photos of your delicious creations. You’re making this whole thing so much... read more

Crispy Spiced Chicken Livers

I was a weird kid. Aside from roller skating to the library (in blue-and-yellow sneaker skates and an orange terrycloth bathrobe worn over jeans) and forcing my brother to play “Library” with me, I also distinctly remember voluntarily ordering beef liver with onions for dinner at my dad’s diner. I was also a crazy for chicken liver paté on toast and ordered it whenever it appeared on a... read more

Start, Continue

The number one lesson I’ve learned in a lifetime of playing the piano, writing two books, dealing with my wonky thyroid, and pursuing superhero status is that I will be successful if I don’t give up. That doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant and inspiring; sometimes it’s downright overwhelming and annoying. It also doesn’t mean that I remain blindly committed to whatever... read more

More Fave People And Blogs

Fave People: YOU, Part 2 It’s been almost three weeks since Well Fed was officially released, and I’m delighted thrilled touched overwhelmed by how awesome all of you have been. Thank you for buying the book and cooking from it — then being so awesomely cool enough to take the time to write and let me know you’re enjoying it. That is the very best experience a writer can have, and... read more

The Best Version of Us For 2012

Last year, I decided to stop setting goals and to live like the person I wanted to be. The post below was originally published last December, and it’s been updated to reflect where I am in my life, one year later. For 2012, I remain committed to the philosophy it outlines, and I’ll be taking The Healing Experiment with me into the new year. Thank you for all of your support, funny comments, and... read more

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