Prague Dispatch – 10/08/11

It’s gray and cool here, and I’m loving it. We enjoyed a brief sunny spell yesterday afternoon, but it was cold enough for me to buy a faux fur hat at H&M (YAY, H&M!). Just about to head out for a run in Letna Park… here are some snaps from yesterday.

The bomber hat with fur flaps:

The “Euro Foods” cart where we ate a garlicky, luscious “Prague Sausage” and split a horka cocolada s rumem (hot chocolate with rum).

Cool graffiti on the wall of the alley near our apartment.

The Charles Bridge, being moody.

Off to run in the 45 F weather (or should I say 7 C?!). Happy Zombie Day — make sure you get out and train for the zombie apocalypse! (We’re looking at you, Kathleen.)


4 Responses to “Prague Dispatch – 10/08/11”

  1. Lauren says:

    HOW adorable do you look in the fur hat???

  2. Mel says:

    How sweet are you to say that??? :-) Thank you! I kinda want a whole wardrobe of them in different colors!

  3. Walker says:

    What a great pic – you guys are just gorgeous and glowing!

  4. chia says:

    Love the hat! Think it may have to work its way into your new profile picture! :) Love your Prague posts!

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