The Do-Over WOD

[NOTE: I love that the first line of the warmup above looks like it says “lap around the pork.” That would be an awesome way to start a WOD.]

Friday was D-Day, and it was pretty kickass. I had my proverbial socks appropriately rocked off by Mr. Kid Rock and The Twisted Brown Trucker Band, stayed up late, ate paleo snacks in the car, enjoyed half a cherry-and-cheese kolache, went swimming in the hotel pool, and ate an amazing brunch at Smoke Restaurant in Dallas, the high point of which was their housemade pickled cabbage with caraway. I have assigned a segment of brain cells to work on my own recipe while the rest of my brain is engaged in finishing Well Fed. We also window shopped in a boutique-and-cafe neighborhood, then browsed a used bookstore where I bought a book about an American’s experiences becoming a Parisian.

Despite out best intentions – and carting our workout clothes and dumbbells to Dallas – what we did not accomplish was the do-over WOD we’d planned. Splashing in the pool trumped a sweaty workout. Yay, summer!

This morning, with the temperature below 90 (!), we hit the park near our house to tackle a workout I was sure would be fun. It’s amazing how often I get these things wrong.

AMRAP, 20:00:
5 pushups (I subbed DB presses)
5/leg Russian step ups (on a big rock)
20 yd waiters’ walk (switch hands @ 10 yds), 20# DB
5 burpees
100m run
20 yd farmers’ walk, 20# DBs
My rounds: 7 or 8, I was too CrossFit drunk to know for sure

After shattering the 1925 record for 100+-degree days here in Austin, it was a relief to check the thermometer and see 85 F. In exchange for the cooler temps, however, Mother Nature trounced us with winds. The former grassy baseball field is now a dun-colored dirt lot that was whipped into mini dust storms with each breeze. My usual mid-workout panting was punctuated by wheezing, thanks to the particles in the air, and I’m pretty sure the sun was still trying to kill me when I had to leave the shade to run the 100 meters.

By the time we were finished, we were filthy. Down our fronts, both Dave and I were coated in a patina of dirt; on the back of our necks, it turned to mud as it mixed with our sweat. And when I reached up to smooth my braid, I came away with itty-bitty pebbles and twigs that were stuck in the part of my hair.

All in all, it was way less sexy than I imagined it would be. But it’s done. And a hot shower never felt so good!


2 Responses to “The Do-Over WOD”

  1. dana g says:

    Love this! I, too, have made the mistake of thinking my homemade wods would be pretty fun and kinda kickass…when in fact, they were extrememly kick ass and “What was I thinking?!”

    I do want to lap around the pork, though. For my friend’s birthday I’ve told her we’re going to do “Margarita Cindy”….a slight variation of the Cindy named wod! :)

  2. Mel says:

    Margarita Cindy! That sounds dangerous 😉

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